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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

laissez les bon temps rouler!

= let the good times roll! happy fat tuesday y'all! that means spring is just around the corner and i can't wait! i can finally start my seeds and putter around my garden. i love this time of year bec. i get to create life, so to speak. the hundreds of flower, herb and vegetable seeds that i have will soon sprout into hundreds of seedlings, i fondly call "my babies". it's a beautiful thing to see....all that new growth which in a few months will fill my garden. i am so lovin' that! i'm a gardening nut, if you haven't noticed... once i get the hang of uploading pics, then i will post some pics that i took of my mini greenhouse that i once had. it was a makeshift one that my hubby helped construct in the old farmhouse we lived in in maine. it was situated in the room we dubbed the "garage" and was perfect bec. it had one wall of windows that faced south, perfect for growing plants! that season i must have grown literally hundreds of veggies, herbs and flowers. my garden that year was amazing! i had so much overstock that i gave away lots of "my babies". i love to play in the dirt! there's a lot to be said about growing your own plants, flowers, fond memory i have is the time one summer when my hubby was helping me get dinner ready. he said we were out of carrots and i promptly went outside to my veggie patch and dug up a handful of carrots. when i came back into the kitchen a few minutes later, i presented the carrots to my husband and he was like, "where did those come from?" i said, "outside". he looked at me in amazement bec. he never thought to check my veggie patch. he said to me, "wow, why go to the store when you can just go outside." i love that keeps me motivated to grow things. when we left maine a couple of years ago to move back to the midwest, it was, in a word, sad. it was a difficult transition for us bec. we loved the little coastal town we had lived in...we so missed the ocean and the trees (and still do, something wicked!). anyway, i digress. this will be the first spring since we've been here that i will actually be able to start my seeds from scratch. last season, i had to sow directly into the garden vs. start seeds indoors (my preferred method of growing). i have the space and the motivation now to start seeds. i'm so ready! this week my goal is to set up my portable mini-greenhouse and start my seeds! now is the time to get started if i want to have healthy "babies" by may....and i am wicked excited! gardening rocks.... laissez les bon temps rouler!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

life's too short

a dear friend of mine told me about her blog (be true be u) and how much she enjoys it. i decided to give this blog thing a whirl. i think it will be a nice outlet for my creative tendencies. i have always been a crafty sort since way back. it's just something that sorta just comes to me. i remember an art teacher telling me in college that i was a "natural", whatever that means. but i must say that i have made countless cards, books, mini-scrapbooks, drawings and paintings over the years. many friends and family members have been the lucky recepients of my handiwork... my husband, among other family or friends, has been telling me for years to quit my day job and do what I love, which is creating art, whatever form it might be. he is forever telling me to keep my 'originals' and only give away my copies (i've only done that recently). he, along w/ my 3 lovely sisters, are my biggest supporters. i recently entered a card contest at a local scrapbook/stamping store, where I won. i have tried w/o success to upload some pictures of my winning of these days i will figure out what i'm doing wrong and put up a couple pictures. it actually was a collection of valentine's day cards that i compiled in a handmade book. i had a hard time choosing just one card to submit to the contest; then i found out that there was no entry limit. prepared, i made duplicates of all 15 cards i made! i decided to hold them all together in a book of sorts (it will make more sense when/if i get a photo of this scanned). it was like non-stop....i just kept coming up w/ these ideas for cards. i even woke up w/ card ideas! it was nuts! it was like a disease! this went on for about 2 weeks straight. my hubby, sisters, close friends at work all say that i should open up a card company! well i don't know about that... but it did make me think that after all this time of just making cards and crafts for the sheer joy of it, i could potentially turn this into my very own 'cottage' industry. one that is driven by my own passion, blood, sweat and tears. as a healthcare professional, i don't often get to do anything "artsy"....far from it---it's often hard work involving very ill folks. kinda depressing at (all the) times.... sorry, computer scanning/uploading is not my forte, otherwise i would glady show some examples of my work. one of these days i will though, bear w/ me please..... for years, my sisters and i have talked about going into business for ourselves. it's now or is too short and all that!!!!! i have been seriously thinking about this lately. all arrows are pointing to "go", if you sisters and i are heading to a seminar in chicago in a few weeks on this very topic. it's something that i am looking forward to..... well, that's enough for now. my hubby's calling me for dinner....hopefully, i'll have some photos to share real soon. take care.....
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