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Thursday, March 30, 2006

a favorite

i've mentioned before that i haven't touched a brush in a while. but when i do, i am very fond of painting with watercolors. this is a painting i did in 2000, when one of my nieces was 2. we were living in maine at the time and i took a watercolor/mixed media class by a woman named, vertene. i believe this was an exercise on painting people as the primary subject matter. this was my first attempt ever in painting a person. prior to that, my subject matters were either still life objects or some nature scene. i remembered that i drew a few sketches and then worked out a color scheme. vertene, the art instructor, lent me her book on how to paint and draw children. it was invaluable and it gave me better insight to shaping my lines and curves into what you see below. this is a cherished piece that hangs proudly in our guestroom/office. one of these days, i will become inspired to paint again. i'd like to think in the very near future. i very much miss this part of me. Posted by Picasa


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