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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i'm loving

that in the past couple of days i have received goodies in the mail or have been told that my order has come in! i just got some new a muse stamps from this neat shop called "goose barn"....a hole in a wall sort of place with hundreds of stamps. what a treat...i can't wait to try them out. i like collecting sentiment stamps bec. they are oh so versatile (and come in handy when looking for the perfect phrase to stamp on a card, tag, envelope, page, etc)... then i got these wicked cool unmounted stamps from this place in freeport, me called "repeat impressions" and also some neat-o ones from a place called "rubber trouble." and i am so excited about these bec. the designs were right up my alley and the prices were oh so right! always on the lookout for unique and simple designs. web searches are beautiful things because i discover new places to find/buy stamps or other nifty crafty thingamajigs... anyway, i have a bunch of scrap wood from my woodworking projects that i even plan to make my own wood mounts for all those unmounted stamps. yes, i have gotten over my fear of very sharp and loud power tools. how cool is that?! all the goodies that i've gotten over the last few days have really gotten my creative juices flowing...i guess for now my day job is supporting my stamp "addiction." my hubby thinks i'm trying to get into the guiness book of world records for the most rubber stamps ever. i keep telling him that i have a relatively "modest" collection compared to the rubber die hards. i mean, i don't have wall-to-wall rubber stamps like some people out there. i just have stamps tucked here and there... weeeeeell, it's true! in the mail today i received a package from sizzix. yippee! i finally broke down and bought a laminator (on sale of course) and some embossing templates. lately i've been into paisley and harlequin designs and i found some sizzix templates w/ just that. i just tried the one of my paisley templates on my little sidekick machine and it is wicked cute! between stamping and gardening, how could i possibly get bored or depressed? these both have been lifting my spirits lately, especially after a long, hard day at work. yep, i'm so loving is good.


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