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Saturday, April 29, 2006

100th post

incredible! i cannot believe that this is my 100th post! was it only just a mere few months ago that i didn't even know what the heck a blog was?! or how to work a digital camera!!! well look at me now... scared of me!

i just love what starting my blog has done for me... it has enriched my life {exponentially} {extraordinarily} {estatically} in ways that i never could have ever imagine possible! through my blog, i have been able to express myself via words, images and artwork... i have met along this journey many kindred spirits who are all amazingly talented and inspiring... and all the while being reassured that i am not alone in my quest for self-expression, following my bliss... i have been able to share my view of the world through my eyes, to offer glimpses of my life, as to the kind of person i am and aspire to be, and the things, people, projects, issues that tickle my fancy and rock my world {or not }... life without blogging is like life without joy... and therefore, i don't intend to stop. blogging is what i am all about.

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