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Sunday, April 23, 2006

all dressed up

and ready to go...finally!!!! i am so glad this whole wedding invite business is finished (the creative process, that is). it was a time-consuming affair, all that tweaking and self-critiqueing that i've done in the last couple of weeks. but i am happy with how it all turned out...i'll be turning this over to the scrapbook place tomorrow after work. now it will be in the judges' hands...{sigh}... in the end, i went with the sage and periwinkle theme. i just like that combination somehow. my entry is not what you call traditional, but that was not the look i was after. i wanted to make something that was unique, personal and aesthetically pleasing. i hope i achieved that... in addition to the invitation itself, i got to thinking, hmmm, what about the whole wedding correspondence bit?? so i got busy and came up with a save the date card, bio on how joe and i met (i used us as the couple of my entry), a travel guide of the town we used to live in, a list of accomodations, a map, rsvp card and lastly, wedding announcements. a lot of the stuff i already had from our actual wedding in 2002, just updated with the sage and periwinkle color scheme (the original colors of our wedding were brown, sage and ivory). anyway, it's kind of like going through the sequence of events of a wedding, but with cards and literature. i hope that this wasn't too over the top, but i just thought my work would stand out from the know, give it a bit of an edge? i think it's the competitor in me that made me do this... right, that's all done...onto the next creative challenge....i think it's about time for another one of melba's mixed media memoirs topics...i think i'll go visit that blog... Posted by Picasa


  • At 4/25/2006 01:36:00 PM, Blogger Going For Greatness said…

    Best of luck! I think your idea to add the 'extra essentials' and a little story about how you 2 met is a wonderful idea! I LOVE the little map, tied with a ribbon and secured with a flower. These are very classy and even if, as you said, 'not traditional' the are VERY unique and I wish that I had thought of something creative when I got married in 1997!! GOOD LUCK!!


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