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Sunday, April 30, 2006

create ugly

this is a piece for the new art group {technique tuesday} that i have been following recently. i'm a bit late in starting this month's challenge as this group has done a few exercises since the start of the month. the challenge/theme of the month is on creating art without fear. to make up for lost time, i've done the first three exercises over a two day period... the first week's assignment entailed identifying the fears that you have about creating something ugly {what is your fear?}. rejection, not being good enough, mediocre work, who does she think she is? what was she thinking?! the second week's exercise was to answer the question with one of your fears and create a piece, using specific materials and following certain steps. you can go to the technique tues. link listed in my sidebar>>> for more info... anyway, the above is what resulted. my fear that i wrote was rejection. it is painted over with one wash of acrylic paint (as per the instructions). the last instruction was to put the completed piece away immediately {to prevent negative inner critisims from occuring}... the third week's exercise was to answer the following questions: did the exercise seem worthwhile? yes did you gather your supplies before you began the exercise? yes were you able to move through the steps effortlessly? yes, i completed it in like 15 minutes or really helped to get all the necessary tools and materials out first before starting the exercise. what was your first reaction to your completed exercise? that wasn't too bad...i kinda like it. overall, how did you feel about the process? at first, unsure, but then that faded quickly as i went through the steps. i worked steadily through the steps...i felt pretty good, not stressed out. how do you feel when you've created something "ugly"? usually feel bad that it didn't turn out better... what do you think the "ugly" says about you? that i failed in some way...that i missed the mark...or tried to hard... are you able to find any positive elements in an "ugly" piece? i tend to look for any areas in a piece which doesn't look overdone or contrived...looks more relaxed and natural, like it was meant to be there... if you were asked to create something "ugly" would you let yourself do it? i think so..especially if it is intentional {and i'm getting paid to do it, better!}...but sometimes in creating something meant to be ugly, i find myself trying to "pretty" it's ingrained in my way of thinking... why is it we are so afraid of making a mistake? it goes back to my initial response: fear of rejection as well as not being good enough...but i have learned that making mistakes is a path to learning...yet, this is hard for me many times to accept...i guess this is ingrained in my thought procees as well. well, i think i have caught up so far...will see what's in store for the final exercise (if there is one, seeing as it's the end of april already...)...doing these art exercises really made me be more conscious of my thoughts that drive my creative process. Posted by Picasa


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