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Friday, April 07, 2006

homesick, part three

you might want to start with "homesick, part one" and then work your way from there...that'll make more sense...
this is the town we lived in. the ocean is just behind bald rock mountain. this is the back yard of an ol' neighbor and friend of ours...the two figures running barefoot in the grassy field are spencer (l) and hilary (r). this property has been in their family since way back when the town was founded in the late 1700s.

photo copyright by kevin shields

this is another view of camden harbor, but with mount battie in the background. every christmas, a star is lit on the observation tower which sits on the summit. it's about a two mile hike to the tower, if you are adventurous. or you can drive up the winding, curvy drive instead. joe and i love bringing friends and family here...this is one of our favorite spots. in fact, this is where we were married in september of 2002.

this is the view from the tower...camden harbor and the town is just can also see the sprinkling of the many offshore islands... this snap does not do this view is absolutely breath-taking in person.

photos copyright by carol m. miller (our dear friend)

at last was the theme of our wedding. the day was too perfect for words.

**** ever since my dear friend angie showed me the way into the exciting world of blogging, i have noticed the change in my outlook lately...less broody, doubtful and more hopeful and motivated. i have come across so many very wonderful blog sites and have learned about the lives and creative projects of amazing and talented women. i have found many like-minded souls, kindred spirits if you will. this journey that i am on now has helped to re-ignite the smoldering embers of my creative passion that i knew i still held inside me.

i am truly grateful and inspired by all the incredible women and their blogs that i have had the pleasure and privilege to read these past couple of months. i look forward to where this journey of mine leads me, and hopefully, it will be continued to be fueled by those i find inspiring. a collective thank you for being there to spark my creative soul and for now being a part of my life. mary ann

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