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Sunday, April 02, 2006

mug shot

in my search for a certain magazine, i found this ol' passport snap of me when i was a young babe of 2. don't i look scared? wouldn't you be if some stranger was trying to make you smile for the birdie? photos of my younger self are scattered about. i have to be better about putting what baby/toddler snaps i do have into safe-keeping. my husband needs to do the same. many of his pictures are at his dad's house. these precious pictures are clues to our past. while the memories can fade, pictures can help one remember (or at the very least, give one an idea of the past). i envy those who have a treasure trove of baby pictures and know absolutely what they looked like when they were a baby. i guess that explains, in part, why i love taking pictures and making scrapbooks of all the little ones in my life (besides they are so wicked cute!)...i think everyone ought to have a record of themselves as wee folks. i know that my nieces and nephews will one day be grateful that they have all kinds of pictures of their younger selves.


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