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Thursday, April 13, 2006

studio friday >>> my working hands

my husband's hands make my hands look like a midget's... but don't be fooled. my little hands have a life {and strength} all their own. they can create nifty little cards, books,collages, drawings, paintings,
stamp, cut, glue and glitter, snap pictures, tie ribbons, sew,
plant seeds, pick flowers, deadhead and weed in the garden, turn a lifeless corner into a unique, inspired filled studio or a magical, secret garden, collect sea glass, rocks, leaves, shells (any gift from nature will do), search out thrift store junk or antique treasures,
mill raw wood into a smoothly sanded and finished piece of lumber, give someone a lift, pat on the shoulder or a giant hug, make a little child [or pet] feel safe and loved,
wipe tears, wave hello, shake hands,
offer comfort, friendship, a spot of tea, show my husband love, affection and respect,
lend a helping hand or support,
open doors to those who follow behind, reassure and calm an anxious patient, turn the page of a really good read or click on to an amazing blog, write to my heart's content, whether it be in blog, journal, email, instant messaging or snail mail form, fold them to pray, meditate or do yoga, reach out and touch someone's heart [and soul]
hold hands with my husband just because... that's what these little working hands can {and aspire to} do.
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