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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

studio friday {playtime}

i know that this is early,
but i can't help that i am an overachieving firstborn child...
anyway...this week's challenge is playtime... having a bit of fun and using any artistic implement (i.e., brush, marker, etc) to create a one of kind, expriemental piece of work... but the twist was to place that implement of choice in your mouth!!!! yes, you read right...your eyes are not playing tricks...
boy, did you drool as much as i did?!!! okay?!
my choice of weapon, i mean, tool: dauber duos! i figured i could do something fun with these and i'd have a wide enough grip... i tried markers and brushes, but the ends were just too skinny for my mouth to hold onto... and i didn't have much control either... anyway enough of the yakking, here is what i created just using the pink, green and black dauber colors {drumroll, please} >>>>

ta-da!!! it's my dauber stamped flower courtesy of my very own mouth!!! this was pushing the creative envelope for me this week let me {mouth} tell ya!Posted by Picasa


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