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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

survey addendum

on a few suggestions (and by the way, huge thanks to those who already took my survey!), i continued my experimentation on this wedding invite idea for that local card contest i've mentioned before. and this is what i came up with... the look i'm going for is unique, fresh and simple elegance.
what do you think? please post a comment and/or suggestion
if you'd like to help me decide...

no.4 (to the left:sage green/white, left & right justification, unbolded font) no.5 (to the right: sage green/wisteria, left & right justification, unbolded font) previous attempts to compare with above:

no.1 (sage/white, left & right justification, bold font)

no2. (to the left: sage/wisteria, all left justification, bold font) no. 3 (to the right: sage/white, all left justification, unbolded font) thank you for taking my survey! with gratitude, mary ann :) Posted by Picasa

p.s., the wording on the above samples read:


above the

deep blue sea

mary ann & joe

invite you to share

a celebration of love

as they tie the knot

on saturday, the seventh of september

two thousand and two

at two o'clock in the afternoon

mount battie observation tower

camden hills state park

camden, maine

dress smart

a potluck reception

immediately follows the ceremony

at their home in

lincolnville, maine


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