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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

when nature calls

spring finally has sprung in my corner of the world. the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. what a glorious day to have a day off from work. what was even better was my husband was off too! it was just too nice to be indoors on a beautiful day like today--and to spend it with my hubby {wow} life is good! after lunch, we ventured toward the river and then to the rotary gardens. i know that there's not a lot of color in the gardens yet. but i felt the urge to get out, be outdoors in a tranquil setting. there are these wonderful, meandering paths in this place. there's something magical that happens when you step inside the gardens. even at this time, when spring is just beginning, this public garden offers both people and creatures alike a {sanctuary} {respite} {escape}. on our nature walk, joe and i came across many flowers, forcing their way through the earth. it gave me immense {pleasure} {inspiration} {hopefulness} and {joy}. i found myself snapping pictures with total abandon. it was as though i were possessed. i felt the need to capture all the beauty that was before and all around us. being out in nature just nurtures the soul.

unfortunately, all that i could upload here were just a fraction of the many snaps that i took today in this wonderful gem of a place. it was a delightfully spent day!

i will try to post more images in the posts that follow... Posted by Picasa


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