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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ll cool

this is one of several old photos & postcards that i scored on a recent antique junkit...i only paid two dollars for this>>>it tugged at my heart strings so>>>i couldn't pass this up...& yet, i have no idea who this is...there were no identifying names or descriptions...just a studio portrait of a young babe>>>a boy, by the looks of it...& taken i would venture to say, perhaps, c. 1912-1915, around there... the older i get, the more my ideas of what being old changes! like, i used to think 40 was so flippin' OLD! i had a well-meaning neighbor who tried to set me up with her husband's 40 y.o. cousin when i was in my 20s>>>& man, did i think that was ANCIENT! but now, i'm re-thinking this as now i think someone in their 90s is wicked old! like a patient i met today...his initials [& i'm not kidding] are l.l.l.[l.l., for short]>>>he is 93, born in 1913. i went into his room to work with him. he had just completed some physical therapy & looked worn out...he had a sort of mean, grumpy expression on his face when i peeked through his door. i thought, oh, here we go, another crotchety old goat who's going tell me to get the hell out! i braced myself as i strolled into his room & introduced myself... imagine my surprise when his wrinkled ol' face lit up with a friendly smile! i was, like, wow, this might not be so bad after all...& he wanted me to go ahead & start my therapy {a swallowing treatment}...he wanted to cooperate. & he did, too. bless his heart... behind what i took for a gruff, forbidding exterior, really belied a friendly, remarkable person >>> someone who spent 50 years of his life devoted to teaching children of all ages, worked hard all his life, raised & reared 3 children of his own with his late wife of 65 years!, a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, self- taught in electrical wiring & carpentry, a virtual walking, breathing science & history book, a proud veteran, a lover of the great outdoors & travelling, someone who encouraged his children to be adventurous & see the world, lived simply, though richly a quick-witted comedian, constantly cracking jokes & one-liners, extremely proud that he still had most of his own teeth [& looked pretty darn good!], someone who held his fears & anxieties about his current medical status in check as well as tolerated an invasive treatment by someone like me, who poked & prodded him for 45 minutes using electrodes... long after i parted l.l., on the drive home tonight, i thought of the wonderful stories & wicked sense of humor that he graciously shared with me & how i almost mistook him for a grouch... & then remembered this old photograph, thinking , that could very well be him! incredible how you encounter the elderly & do not even think twice that they were wee folk too...i am so glad that i walked into l.l.'s room, despite my initial reservations, because if i hadn't, i would have missed out meeting him! he is one of those souls you're so genuinely glad to meet & then afterwords, find yourself feeling so very inspired...& hoping that you will turn out half as good as he when you get up there in age! thanks l.l., you are one cool dude! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

oh judy s.>>>

thought of you when i found these lovelies...doncha love the colors & patterns? i especially found the little birdies quite charming...chirping so sweetly... :) m.a. Posted by Picasa

treasure tuesday {pas de deux}

for this week's treasure tuesday, i chose to feature these dried roses. roses typically symbolize romantic love... these are particularly cherished because they are the first gifts joe & i gave each other as a married couple on our wedding day {september 7, 2002}...
we were married atop a mountain overlooking the deep blue sea... it was a magical, glorious day.

& in the spirit of treasure tuesday, i found this poem: precious things strange how our hands ache to touch familiar things again... to curl themselves around the knob and push the old door in. to slip along a polished rail through the deepening gloom, and feel the way along the hall to a dear remembered room. to dust the books we have read and loved, (the hall clock's ageless face,) to pick old-fashioned garden flowers and fill a treasured vase. to grip the hands of trusted friends whose clasp is just as strong. our hands never lose the feel of precious things for long, though many years may intervene they still belong. ~scott horton

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[pop art]

is the challenge for self-portrait tuesday...
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Monday, May 29, 2006

my memorial

is this week's topic for mixed media memoirs ... i decorated this beach rock [measuring approx 5"x8"] shortly after my sister's precious angel sinead went to heaven...when we lived in maine, i made a little memorial in one of my side gardens. & then when we moved, i took my little memorial with us & eventually found another spot in my current garden. i cannot even begin to express the deep sorrow i felt the day or imagine the incredible grief my sister & brother-in-law endured when they made the most difficult decision to let her go... but my little memorial is my way of keeping her precious memory let her know that she was beloved... & to let her surviving brother {ian} & sister {shioban} know that they have a place to come visit & say hello to their sweet sister, angel 'nead. Posted by Picasa

happy memorial day

this is actually a vintage valentine's day pop-up card... but the image was so appropriate for today.
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Sunday, May 28, 2006

embrace no. 2

not wanting to waste the paint i used for red poppies ...i decided to take my big 1 inch flat brush & slap on the residual paints i used onto the cover of my 11x14 art journal...{i really hate to waste watercolor paint, as they are wicked expensive!} ...i've been dying to try my new paper artsy "femme" stamps & these alpha stamps i got at a garage sale recently...& i liked what turned out. Posted by Picasa


red poppies by little ol' me my first watercolor sketch after many years of letting my brushes go untouched! i guess, i still can do this... the red poppy has come to symbolize remembering all those brave men & women who sacrificed their lives for protecting our country... in honor of memorial day, i thought it would be fitting for this coming friday's finds ... "patriotic" finds will be the theme for this friday {6.2.06} >>> anything/anyone, whatever {american or non-american}, that reflects this week's theme will do>>> & remember, it has to be "found"... of course, you can still post any off-theme items during this patriotic theme week! happy hunting!
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years meme

i am stealing this from andria, who stole it from shane, who stole it from {well, you get the idea...} 20 years ago: i was a young college gal, barely out of high school {upper left hand corner} 10 years ago: my first real vacation after years of schooling & a couple of years working as a brand new, fresh out of school speech therapist>>>this is me in a little island town called, somesville, me {which years later, i would go there many times with joe} [upper right hand corner] 5 years ago: joe & i were living in maine... {HUGE sigh} [bottom left, middle & bottom right] 3 years ago: i worked part-time at a great local school in the 5-town community that we lived in [the other times, i worked in private practice] i am with one of my preschool kiddos, who always liked to give me a big hug after our weekly sessions... it was also the time when we left {sniff, sniff} our life in maine to be closer to family in the midwest {top pic}... 1 year ago: we settled in our new place in cheeseland...& we visited family in chicago {bottom pic in the above set of two>>>here i am with a very candid snap of myself & one of my little neices }...yesterday: working in the garden & joe mowing the lawn... today: see nature calls ... tomorrow i will: loggin & bloggin {what else!} as well as chillin' & grillin' with my dh... in the next year: i will be teaching a workshop for justBe...connected>>>this is wicked exciting!!!!! check it all out in melba's site!!!! in the next minute: i think i will finally get ready & go to bed! it's after midnight cst here!!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 27, 2006

nature calls

after lunch out today, joe & i took a drive to one of the local {& more scenic} did the heart & soul good to take in the simple beauty of nature...just thought i'd share our lovely afternoon together. Posted by Picasa

i've been tagged

by susan... {i've been tagged before, but i really don't mind doing it again...bec. things do change around here!} 5 items in my fridge: vanilla soy milk, blueberries, strawberries, joe's beer & roasted garlic hummus {among other things, these are what i know for sure!} 5 items in my wardrobe/closet: assorted flip flops, blouses, a couple of dresses, sweaters/sweatshirts, overnight bags {there's much more, though, in the's looking a bit frightful!} 5 items in my bag/purse: digi cam {an absolute must have!}, wallet, c.o. bigelow mentha lip tint {tint no. 1136}, my work id badge & pager 5 items in my car: maps of wi, il & me!, yoga mat & blocks x2, joe's spare boat tire, 6-pack of propel fitness water {mixed berry} & my latest find>>>salvaged dentil moulding! 5 people I'm tagging: angie wangie, angie/north threads, overwhelmed!, weirdbunny & my sister jo {aka looney & even though she does not have a blog YET, she can still play in the comments section} >>>& for that matter, anybody else who wants to play!

{vision} atc

... a sight to behold
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inspire me thursday {word art}

the challenge for this week's imt is word art. i embraced this challenge wholeheartedly & decided to do a piece with that thought in mind. the background is actually something i made up, using a light wash of acrylic white paint, chalk & distress inks, foam & rubber stamps. oh, yes, i threw in a couple of brass hearts, just because... this is something that i will try to live up to each day. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 26, 2006

mixed media memoirs no.10

for the past two weeks {may 7 to may21}, i kept a log of my daily activities for this week's mmm's challenge...& MAN! i did the math>>> it wasn't pretty...i calculated that i spent approximately 70- 75% of my waking hours BLOgGInG!!!!! can i just say, what the {bleep} {bleep} {bleep}???!!!!!!! am i a total nut job or what? how can i possibly spend that much time blogging?!!!!! that was when i realized, WHOA! i need a serious time out! >>>& i did take one... BUT that did NOT last long! fuhgehdahbowdit! i was having wicked withdrawals after almost 3 days {okay, 2 days} & i just couldn't go another day without loggin & bloggin! i just had to get my fix, i mean, get back into my routine {yeah, yeah, that's right}... & you know what? my dh is so very understanding & supportive! it's like what my blogging pal, audrey, has written recently about time management>>> balancing family & art...we have a similar pattern going on at our house...joe & i constantly keep each other informed, talk about our day/frustrations/hopes/thoughts/wants/needs, [& let's not forget about getting/giving sugar], etc... balancing our priorities>>> we all make time for what really matters the most to us, don't we? in spite of the fact that there is never, ever, enough time in any given day! Posted by Picasa

mixed media memoirs no.9

my mother...
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{studio friday} antique/patina

this is the topic for this week's studio that is near & dear to my heart, because i just adore distressing & aging cards, photos, paper, ribbons>>>you name it, i'll distress it! i actually have a distressing kit put together by one of my fave companies, making memories... as you can see, the kit is housed in a handy flip top box filled with all sorts of goodies... but the tools i usually favor {& have proven faithful & trusted} for my distressing/aging needs are: good old sandpaper {with a carpenter for a husband, these are never in short supply!}, paper edger thingie {makes fab ragged edges of your paper}, the metal spiky roller {that reminds me of a ravioli cutter} & {my all-time fave} distressed inks by tim holtz.
there is something that draws me to age, antique, patina my creations...& for that, i'm truly glad!Posted by Picasa

[friday's finds]

for this week's friday's finds, i spotlight one of my favorite antique haunts>>>campus antiques... i love coming to this place because i have found many wonderful treasures that now grace the interior of my home!you walk into this place {which was the former gymnasium of the local community college} are quickly & unabashedly SUCKED into the vintage vortex!!! there are tons of STUFF everywhere you turn...upstairs, main floor {pictured below} & downstairs... i frequent this place pretty often & have become quite fond of certain dealers who showcase their wonderful never fails that i always manage to take home something lovely & useful such as these two wonderfully distressed shelf & nightstand... always on the lookout for creative storage solutions...& whenever i spy such sweet treasures as these [& the price tags are oh so kind]>>>you betcha that i snatch them as fast as i can>>> as they all are to feather the nest. oh, the thrill of the hunt...& the wonderful find! now if you have a terrific find(s), please by all means, leave a comment with your link/url OR if you have a flickr account, post your lovely treasures there! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

medieval times

just more snaps i took of my sunday at the fair...
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

midweek reminder

to post your friday find this coming friday! anything that caught your eye, made your heart soar or touched a chord is fair game >>>as long as it is found! looking forward to what turns up this week!
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