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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


this is to give you an idea of the get-up i have to wear when i do what we call a videofluoroscopic swallow study. or simply, video. this is what someone who has a swallowing problem has done by someone like me... i basically present the patient food/liquids of various consistencies mixed with a contrast medium known as barium. it's literally white, pasty stuff, but it is necessary to allow for images to be seen on the fluoro or x-ray machine {which stands behind me}... the radiologist takes the "pictures" of whatever i give the patient to swallow and we watch for abnormalities {things that go down the wrong way or not} spare you any further boring details, the get-up i and others in the exam room have to wear are these lead aprons as protection from the {small dosages of} radiation that are emitted. i also wear a "bikini shield" {no, it's really called a "thyroid" shield---that was a term a male x-ray tech used to call because the shape reminded him of a bikini...that's a man for you!} around my neck for further protection, mainly because i am facing directly in front of the fluoro machine when i present the food/drink trials to the patient... the lead is wicked, wicked heavy! and also very confining... anyway, this is what i generally do if i am not seeing patients in their rooms or at outpatient office...i've seen some funky anatomy over the 12+ years that i have been doing this crap, i mean, most wonderful innovation in the field of speech pathology {cough, cough!}... okay, that's enough of a tutorial for one day... now, onto more exciting art projects! Posted by Picasa


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