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Saturday, May 27, 2006

i've been tagged

by susan... {i've been tagged before, but i really don't mind doing it again...bec. things do change around here!} 5 items in my fridge: vanilla soy milk, blueberries, strawberries, joe's beer & roasted garlic hummus {among other things, these are what i know for sure!} 5 items in my wardrobe/closet: assorted flip flops, blouses, a couple of dresses, sweaters/sweatshirts, overnight bags {there's much more, though, in the's looking a bit frightful!} 5 items in my bag/purse: digi cam {an absolute must have!}, wallet, c.o. bigelow mentha lip tint {tint no. 1136}, my work id badge & pager 5 items in my car: maps of wi, il & me!, yoga mat & blocks x2, joe's spare boat tire, 6-pack of propel fitness water {mixed berry} & my latest find>>>salvaged dentil moulding! 5 people I'm tagging: angie wangie, angie/north threads, overwhelmed!, weirdbunny & my sister jo {aka looney & even though she does not have a blog YET, she can still play in the comments section} >>>& for that matter, anybody else who wants to play!


  • At 5/30/2006 10:42:00 AM, Anonymous Looney said…

    Wow, I can play too? So neat...ok, my very first attempt to play along in your world...

    i've been tagged
    by firstborn, my loving sister...

    5 items in my fridge: milk, fresh veggies/fruits, homemade banana pancakes, Crystal Light lemonade and left-over Memorial Day BBQ Picnic goodies-yum!

    5 items in my wardrobe/closet: assorted clothes/shoes, some of my kiddies clothes, tons of recently purchased LARGE space bags filled to the brim with all sorts of linens, comforters,baby quilts and a basket of old fitness magazines (Isn't it weird how much stuff you can fill a tiny closet with? I need to declutter soon!)

    5 items in my bag/purse: my huge 10 year old wallet (but my sisters call it my luggage) filled with crazy receipts/tons of loose change, an emergency kiddy ziplock bag: extra pull-ups (...not for me but for my two little ones)/a handful of handy wipes/sanitizing gel, bag o'gummies/oreos, mandarin sugerfree trident gum and my cell phone/digital camera -I too never leave home without it...(oops, sorry there's more than 5 items...and yep, my bag can be HUGE or I'm really good stuffing a tiny bag...I know...I need help!)

    5 items in my car: rosary/Palm Sunday cross, 2 dvd players, bunch of cds/dvds, snack/toy/extra clothes bag and 3 car seats (oy vey...for my 2 little ones and visiting neices and nephews)

    5 people I'm tagging: not sure...I don't have a blog or any other blog buddies except for my sister Mary Ann but outside of the blog arena, I'll tag my dh who's in the Military (he'll get a kick out of this when he gets his privilege next week to do an activity (either make a call to me or read his e-mail) man, what a life, to wait for a privilege to do anything...yikes...) my other two sisters, my NJ pen-pal and maybe my sister-in-law...

    Thanks for letting me play! xoxo Looney


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