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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

self-potrait challenge {introduce yourself}

q: what do you do on the weekdays? a: three days a week, i work as a speech therapist at a busy hospital. i see patients with mostly swallowing problems and sometimes speech and/or cognitive difficulties. the majority of my caseload is swallowing disorders (aka dysphagia). a typical day includes evaluating patients either at the bedside or in xray, writing notes or reports and also doing therapy, both in the hospital or at outpatient clinic. all in all, it's alot of patient care with paperwork thrown into the mix. kinda cut and dried stuff... on the other two days when i am off-duty, i get to play! whether it be in my studio, garden or outside the home. i typically do some blogging, tend to my seedlings that i have growing in my indoor greenhouse, go to yoga class once a week, work in the yard, work on some artsy-craftsy project, talk to a sister or two, do a little shopping or antiquing, workout, do some cleaning, run errands...and whatever my little heart desires! i live for my days off and am quite protective of them! Posted by Picasa


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