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Monday, May 08, 2006

thinking positive

i was chatting with my sister jo, when her cell phone rang. it was our other sister, bobbie, informing us that our parents have been robbed! i don't know much more than this, but i am hoping and praying that they are safe and well! you see, they currently are out of the country, in the motherland as it were... and our aunt (our dad's younger sister) called to tell us, well, actually bobbie, who in turn called jo and i happened to be holding on her land line...from what i gather, their passports, plane tix, some cash, dad's cell phone, his address book and mom's family photo album (which my sister jo made for her before they left last march) were all in my dad's briefcase, are poof! GONE! my sisters are freaking out at the moment and i'm trying to remain calm and think positive thoughts. it is wicked frustrating to not know how they are and if they are literally be on the other side of the world and not be able to reach them is BRUTAL! this is a snap i took of my mom and dad the morning after our wedding in 2002. my parents are kinda kooky but lovable! they wanted to have lobsters for breakfast!!! and how i wish they were back in the states>>>HOME! trying to not go into hysteria... and thinking, hoping and praying for their safe journey home very soon. Posted by Picasa


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