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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

well spent

i have always admired the paper line and embellishment products of heidi grace designs ever since i came across her stuff everywhere in vancouver, wa while visiting a dear college friend back in spring 2004. and she was actually in the area [well, in the big town north of mine] and she was going to do a demo at one of my scrapbook haunts {y'know, the one NEXT to the antiques place...but fortunately for my pocketbook, that place was already closed for the day!}. the fiskars corporation recently acquired her company and now she has put out some wicked cool new paper line (shimmery and flocked!) as well as neat fibres and other fun embellishment products. ...anyway it was fun time spent meeting heidi grace, whose enthusiasm and passion were contagious! she demo'd a make n' take for us and told us tidbits of herself {like she is expecting, but i didn't catch when she is due, because that news caused a hub-bub in the room}... and was she/fiskars ever so generoous with the goodie bags>>>cool stuff from her just released product line [heidi grace in bloom collection] and a snazzy charm bracelet with acrylic charms of her design. didn't want to be obnoxious with my digi-cam... and i did ask first when i took this snap of heidi grace. she was very gracious, down-to-earth and bubbling with enthusiasm. she indulged me with a smile & a wave {lol}... here is my cool loot! a close-up...some of the paper is actually textured...pretty, huh? sorry about the glare from the flash as you cannot see the cool charm bracelet... mini-me wanted to know what all the fuss was about, so he hopped onto the bed and apparently was not impressed. i was, though...& it was the best 10 bucks i ever spent! Posted by Picasa


  • At 5/17/2006 04:49:00 AM, Blogger sweet memories said…

    I love her logo, it is so cute! I admire people that go with their passions and make a career out of it! What fun!

  • At 5/17/2006 07:42:00 AM, Blogger andria said…

    Cool...I love her stuff! I so miss scrapbooking. I used to be on the top 200 customer list at the local store and would get coupons and such in the mail, but no more. The good thing about it, though, is those pictures will be there forever and maybe I can do it once both kids are in school.


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