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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

little hands

made my contribution for this week's treasure tuesday... * * * a few years back, when i was working at a small coastal hospital, i had worked with a young girl named katie... she was about 7 or 8 years old at the time. it was summertime & she did not qualify for summer speech services at her school, so that's how i got to working with her as one of my peds outpatients. if i recall correctly, she was a bit of a lisper & her mom did not want her to regress over the summer vacation...we had gotten on famously...she worked dilligently in our therapy sessions & also followed through on her home assignments...she was a therapist's dream! at the end of summer, i found that her lisp had virtually disappeared...& told katie that i would be "graduating" her from speech classes {as i called them} was kind of bittersweet because we had both grown fond of each other {this invariably happens whenever i work with children! they just grow on me!}...& on our very last day together, this is what she presented me>>>

i was so deeply touched by katie's charming creation... katie beemed with pride as she told me how she so lovelingly stitched this all by herself & that she remembered that i loved cats! from the bedraggled-looking tail>>> to the missing eye>>> i loved it all! & i assured katie that i would treasure it forever... & so i have!Posted by Picasa


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