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Sunday, June 04, 2006

walking on sunshine

after my yoga class this morning at the dance studio, i was delighted to find the farmer's market in progress just across the street from the studio... i was still wearing my yoga get-up, but i didn't care...the sun was shining & i was feeling so was like that katrina & the waves song, walking on sunshine...i am such a gardening fanatic,how could i not stop by & check it all out...& besides, there's potential blog fodder>>>lol! what a wonderful be among other gardening fools, old & young... like little clara here {to the left} with her mother & sister...they were just too cute! & thrilled that i wanted to take their picture...this cutie pie drew her own little poster...i detect an artist-in-training...doncha love her little gold fish?! wicked adorable! i like it when i take delightful detours such as this. it makes my heart sing with joy! Posted by Picasa


  • At 6/04/2006 03:22:00 AM, Blogger sweet memories said…

    isnt it amazing how much we miss because we just dont feel good about ourselves and what we are wearing! I am so glad you took the plunge and didnt care if you were wearing your yoga clothes! what some people must miss out on ( myself)...because they might not be accepting of themselves and what they feel 'like' the look glad you make the time and space for adventures like this! Makes me want to do the same!


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