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Friday, July 14, 2006


i was visiting my pal melba's blog & she wondered what people where up to... i left her a comment that i would maybe blog about what's been going on before joe & i head off on vacation... well, my father-in-law has yet to see a specialist...the doctor he was supposed to see is so busy that the soonest that he would be able to see dad is in september! my bro-in-law is looking for another specialist asap...when i talked to dad, he seemed to be in good spirits, considering that he has to wait to find another doctor to discuss his options! my parents, who have been away in the "mother country", are finally back home! so glad that they are back in the states! my sis gail, she, along with the other sisters, did a major "clean sweep" of their chicago house>>>i haven't heard yet what their reactions was pretty DRASTIC transformation! (you have to understand, my folks are very much pack rats & have been known to keep things from the 80s!!!!!!). remember a while back, i shared a post about a stray little fawn wandering into our yard/ driveway? well, earlier this week, i spotted this little deer with, i presume, it's mother twice! my pal allison, when she visited me last tuesday, even witnessed seeing the little deer...joe & i are ever so relieved! we had thought the worse... i had a recent check-up with my doc & he said i was healing rather nicely...should be as good as new by next month. & thank goodness, i don't need to have any more surgical anything...i was fearful that there'd be another, but doc assured me that he took it all out! i am walking normally now & not having to use my little pillow as often...but i do, from time to time, can feel some of the stitches (doc says there are still a few there, but in a month's time, they will all disappear)... a couple of my sisters, ones who i rarely mention by name, are going through some trials & wears heavy on my heart to know that my two sisters are having a rough sis looney is about the only one who faithful reads my other sisters would too, if they weren't going through their respective crap right now... today i've been getting ready for our week-long adventure to the unknown territory, door county. my sis looney tells me that is like the "cape cod" of the midwest...i've been to the real cape, we'll see about that...anyway, we'll be staying in bailey's harbor, which faces lake michigan. my friend allison tells me that it's more quiet, less touristy, than the other towns on that peninsula...& she pointed out that lots of cute little shops, eateries & art galleries! sounds like fun, right? i hope we can go fishing too...joe really just wants to get away from it all & fish, fish, fish! & i plan on taking my paints, brushes & sketch pads...when i lived in maine, i was always drawing & painting>>>i think it was because i was so inspired by all the natural beauty around me...i need to be somewhere like that again...i think it will do the heart & soul a world of good! for the both of us! so, here's to a rejuventing & fun-filled adventure! while i'll be temporarily cut off from my blogging sistas & pals, i will be thinking of you all & making sure i take gobs & gobs of pics so that i can share with you all when i return! have a fab time, whatever you are planning... & remember, SHINE ON! Posted by Picasa


  • At 7/14/2006 10:02:00 PM, Blogger andria said…

    sorry to hear your sisters are having a rough time...I will shoot some prayer their way. Also, thinking about your FIL, hope you can find a good doc to check him out real soon.

    Glad to hear you are doing better. Have a great time on your vacation. I am about to end ours and so sad about it. Will catch you when you return. be careful.

  • At 7/15/2006 07:48:00 AM, Anonymous looney said…

    thanks're a sweetheart for sending good vibes our way...that's why i heart my sis' blog bec there's a lot of heart goin' on here...

    reya-great summation of what's been goin' on...hey, pretty flowers-wish i was goin' with ya...member our dream of just renting a cottage and visiting cute lil' shoppes til we drop...i hope to get to do that with you...just hard with the lil' ones, anyway...take tons of pics-kay???

    will be going to St. Anne's Novena on Tuesday and will send prayers for "dad", our sistas and you...xoxo loon


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