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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

cheaters & posers

that's my take on tonight's episode of project runway. the cheater: one dude, keith, he was so playing DUMB...yeah, like he didn't think anyone would notice that he was a BIG ol' CHEATER, sneaking in those pattern books! sorry, but rules are rules, & contestants need to abide by them or, as tim gunn (the show's host) told him, he broke the rules & now he's kicked off>>>poof, he's gone! all the charm & b-s talk couldn't bring him back on the glad that the big shots of the show stuck with the goodness, if you're gonna be on national tv & in a competition, you're gonna have to play by the ifs, ands or buts! the poser: argh! angela has yet again escaped the chopping block! her ass was seriously saved by michael & laura!!!!!! i can understand, even appreciate, why michael & laura helped that freak angela (they have their reputation to uphold!), but for that freak angela to take all the credit?! COME ON NOW! she made those "rosettes" (which by the way would look fab on a RUG or QUILT, thank you! but a hip outfit, seriously!)...but michael & laura did all the REST>>>okay!! poser, that's what that chick is>>>a big, ol' poser! one of these days, she's gonna have to be GONE...please! i don't think i can stomach anymore of those rosettes on's fashion for goodness sakes, not a quilting bee!


  • At 8/03/2006 11:36:00 PM, Anonymous looney said…

    man, i missed it again! will have to catch the re-runs next wednesday...can't believe someone would risk it all...what was he thinking? xoxo loon


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