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Thursday, August 10, 2006

combo finds!

i've been mentioning how pressed for time i am this week, as i'm going out of town tomorrow>>>driving to chicago wicked early to my sis jo's house & then boarding a flight to st. louis to spend an artsy fartsy weekend at angie wangie's... but before i head out, i wanted to be sure to upload this combo post for thrift thursday & friday's finds! yay!!!! i wouldn't want to leave all my fellow treasure hunters in a lurch, you know! i couldn't bear the let-down & here are my nifty-thrifty VINTAGE finds (which is, btw, this week's theme for friday's finds) check it out!

(click on pic to see a slightly larger view)

from my local goodwill: tan linen fabric remnant, wicked cute linen tea towel (has koala bear on it, which says it is made in australia), a floral print roll-up carry-all (green trim & pink ribbon ties)>>>these were all found in a huge bin marked "domestics" for $1.49 usd a piece!!!! from one of my fave antiquing haunts: a 1949 book called adventures in stitching, which i absolutely love! i'm not a machine sewer like mom or grandma, but i do like to hand embroider/stitch & this how-to book is just perfect for me! then there's a sweet little children's book of favorite songs from is wonderfully illustrated & the pages are all intact, though yellowed (or wonderfully patinaed) over the years. i came across this cool bag of assorted zippers for a mere $2 usd!!! fab rolls of THREAD (my sewing blogging pals would appreciate this! & you know who you are!!!)...& finally, a few sweet postcards from the early 20th century...i especially adore the pic of the 2 fact, i have several that i had gotten from a previous antiquing jaunt of these very same sisters! it was too cool to have come across these familiar faces!!!! what are the chances of that ever happening? someday later i will post my other sweet photos of these vintage girls... i've shared & told all about my vintage finds>>>now what about you?! don't be shy...leave me a comment with your link OR, of course, you can post your found treasures on the official ff flickr group here. bella weekend everyone! enjoy! see you when i get back into town! mary ann xo Posted by Picasa


  • At 8/11/2006 07:12:00 AM, Blogger Nancy Baumiller said…

    Fabulous finds! I cant wait to get out of the house and search for goodies..I am so jealous LOL have a safe trip! Suzanne said she has sent off the goodie box to you(hope there will be someone to hold onto your mail while your away) she also told me to tell you that she said you might want to use a flatrate envie to ship back to me...should cost about $4.05usd she said...Thanks!

  • At 8/12/2006 09:36:00 PM, Blogger Going For Greatness said…

    Oo these are super fun finds!!! I will upload mine too ( a bit late but hey... I'm here! )
    Enjoy your trip!! Will miss ya!

  • At 8/13/2006 09:28:00 PM, Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said…

    I wish your goodwill store was my goodwill store! What lucky finds!

  • At 8/16/2006 09:22:00 AM, Anonymous looney said…

    fantastic finds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo looney


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