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Sunday, August 06, 2006

ebony & ivory

for this week's inspire me thursday challenge, we're supposed to create something *whatever media* as long as it is black & white... well, i was kinda stumped for a couple of days because i like to use color in my artwork...i almost didn't do this week's challenge...yesterday, i went to this really cool stamp shop & found this nifty pocketbook stamp (by rubber cottage) & remembered that i have quite a few thank you cards to send out, on account of all the fab b-day prezzies i received in last couple of weeks...these pictured below are the materials i used to make my thank you cards & i limited my palette to black & white (the diamond stickles that i used actually looks kinda gold in the snap to follow...but honestly, it came out white from the little bottle!)>>> a collage of the finished card, front view, back view, closer view & interior of card (you can click on the image to see larger pic OR) here's a close-up of the front of the card...i added silver brads (that i got from my pal angie wangie)...see what i mean on the faux clasp? the diamond stickles looks gold (wah!) & i was trying to add a little bling-bling...oh well, whaddya gonna do, right? here's a closer view of the faux pocketbook's interior with a little thank you tag... well, one down...a gazillion more to go (& yeh, i hand make all my cards, in case you were wondering that!)...oh joy. i mean, yipee! Posted by Picasa


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