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Saturday, August 05, 2006

garden party

i've mentioned before that i recently joined the local herb society when i had gone to that renaissance fair last spring...well, elsa, one of the members, called me & asked me if i could work in the gardens to help them get ready for an herb presentation/party (it was last thursday night) ... among other weeding & cleaning tasks at the gardens, i'm proud to show you this urn of pansies that i deadheaded! it's been so wicked HOT lately, yet these pansies are still hanging in there! they usually don't fair well in the heat...yet, these are still kickin'! this is one of 3 herb beds that i worked on...the nasturtiums in the foreground just overtook the pansies underneath (you can't even see them!)...i just love all the different aromas & fragrances of the various herbs planted in these beds...i really did not mind the heat & i really do like to weed (elsa says i'm the most patient weeder she has ever seen & a hardworking one at that!)... well, after all that hard work, elsa invited me to attend the presentation/party the other elsa (standing in the background, wearing a straw hat) is telling the folks who came to the party all about the wonderful herbs & plants & the amazing things you can do with them! the ladies you see bending over are actually picking some wonderful sweet basil leaves to take home! i smiled to myself, because i, along with another gal, lois, just deadheaded them before the party! elsa & the other herb ladies are so wicked knowledgeable about herbs (esp. elsa!)...i am learning a lot from this bunch & i think it is so awesome to have come across these gals...i am constantly learning from them! they brought in refreshments for the guests, all made with herbs...just delightful! i'll have to share a couple of recipes soon>>>have you ever had fresh basil cream cheese or lavender sugar cookies?? simply divine! i will share soon... i got to keep this lovely arrangement of phlox from another herb lady, chris...these came from her garden. she saw me admiring her vase of these lovelies & she told me i can have it! how wicked generous!!!! i have some phlox growing in my garden, but they are puny compared to chris'! & the fragrance>>>absolutely beautiful! i feel very lucky to have come across those wicked smart & crafty herb gals...don't you just love when cool people come into your life? Posted by Picasa


  • At 8/07/2006 12:10:00 AM, Anonymous looney said…

    lucky, lucky...lucky duck!!! wahhhhh, i wanna come to the tea party, toooooo! so pretty... xoxo loon


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