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Thursday, August 03, 2006

speaking of which...

i totally forgot to post a theme last sunday...with all the hub-bub & happenings of last week & then us going to & from chicago...i simply forgot! i'll try to remember to post a new theme this sunday, 8/6/06 for the following friday's finds 8/11/06... well for now, we'll just post this friday (tomorrow...i just noticed that it is after midnight right now!) whatever cool finds that you happen to uncover/discover...happy treasure hunting & see you friday! {p.s., i have a feeling that from time to time, i might be combining my friday's finds with thrift thursdays in the future...they are both having to deal with cool finds, though, friday's finds, i believe, covers a much broader spectrum of treasure hunting; while thrift thursday is strictly spotlighting secondhand treasure hunting>>>that's the distinction i'm making>>>& i'm going to stick to it!}


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