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Friday, August 25, 2006

studio friday

This week's sf topic for Friday August 25th suggested by Jo: WHO!? "I am curious to see/hear/read who everyone takes their inspiration from - an artist of traditional media, multimedia, craft world, living or dead. Who would we like to have the chance to meet and speak with, or to thank for inspiring us? " ~ Jo i take inspiration from everything & everyone around me!!! they are all fair game as far as i'm concerned!!!! the inspiration that i might find in something, someone, a piece of art, a song, a billboard (like the one above which i spotted on the highway), nature, object, smell, fleeting image {the list can go on}>>>are my REACTIONS to it/them at that moment in time. my response to something/or someone who has stirred my heart & soul often prompts me to CREATE in the form of writing, collaging, painting, drawing or photography. in college, i had minored in art history. i developed a deep appreciation for all art through the ages>>>from ancient & medieval art>>>the "masters">>>to the modern & contemporary art that we see today. i have always admired both "representational" & "abstract" art...some of my fave artists are albrecht durer, rembrandt, tintoretto, eduard manet, van gogh, corot, paul klee, henry moore, georgia o'keefe, edward hopper, sarah lugg, anna corba...too many artists to name>>>there is no piece of art that i can't find something inspirational. in addition, i owe many thanks to michael's (& all other like it) craft stores, martha stewart, country living mag, & diy tv!!! i'm also inspired by the works of many of my blogging pals, blog art challenges, my offline buds, my sisters, my hubby, my extended family, children & even, sometimes, my patients! so you see, it doesn't take much to find inspiration...& as i have said before, one need only to {look} {listen} & {feel}!


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