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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

treasure tuesday

it's tuesday already?! where DID the time go? but thank goodness, as it's my day off! yay! & it's time for faith's treasure tuesday. this week, i share my shaker-style end table, which i actually MADE from scratch! yup, you read correctly, from SCRATCH. it's my very first woodworking project. prior to this, i had never touched or used power tools, with their shiny & wicked sharp blades! that's my hubby's turf {he's a master carpenter}... the wood i've used here is maple. & i actually had to mill my own pieces of ROUGH lumber & turn them into what's known as "dimensional lumber" (the kind you see ready to buy at your local home improvement store). do you know what that looks like? it's wood just chopped from the tree, with bark & all! yeh, it was scary>>> my first time at the jointer, planer, table saw & sander! the wicked loud noises SCARED the heck out me! i really was fearful of getting my fingers/hands caught in the machines! but my instructor walked me through it all & pretty soon, i got used to the loud noises & sharp blades. my favorite part was shaping the spindle (the piece that connects the top with the tripod feet) on the lathe. now that was wicked cool! to turn a literal piece of rectangular block into something ROUND. i told joe that i wanted to own a lathe so i could make all sorts of round, curvy stuff! one day, he says, one day... i had a lot of fun making this little table. my hubby was impressed that this is what i made for my first time & he has 25 years in the woodworking business! i have such a deeper respect & admiration for those who woodwork. since that project, i have built a bookcase & shelf. i am proud of myself for getting over my fear of loud, sharp power tools. makes me see that with a little faith & determination, anything is possible. Posted by Picasa


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