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we don't have an eternity to realize our dreams, only the time we are here -susan l. taylor

Monday, September 25, 2006

o glory day

i got into maine yesterday & my second mom/ dear friend annie along with her dh took me to the coast & a few cool antique shops as soon as i reached "vacationland"! i type this post from annie's dh's computer, he so graciously let me use (thanks brad!) ...can i just tell you that i had a WICKED amazing day today? i met & visited my blogging pals, susan & jes ... i was just (susan & jes know what i am talking about!) overwhelmed w/ joy & bliss>>>it feels good to be back here, in the place where my heart is (& belongs/longs to be) & to breathe in the salt air & see the wonderful, glorious trees & ocean! & to be in the company of amazingly talented gals>>> i am honored to know them!!!! what an incredible day i had today! i wish i had my adapter to hook my digi cam to brad's printer so that i could upload some the pics i've taken so far, but sadly i left the darn thing at home in cheeseland...if you check out susan's blog, though, you can check out some of the pics she's posted there & get an idea of what an exciting day we all was amazing to meet these special gals...they are kindred spirits for sure! thank you jes & susan! i am so WICKED glad to know you both & i don't think our meeting was a coincidence>>>like you both have said to me, it was meant to be...& that makes my heart sing!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

oops, i almost forgot!

my head is spinning about a 100 mph as i try to get ready for my trip (it's a production, bec. i not only have to pack for myself, but also i have to get stuff ready for dh as he will have to fend for himself for the whole week!)...anywhoo, it occured to me as i was loading the washing machine that i forgot to post a reminder about the cookie (recipe) swap!!!! yikes! well, right now there are about 16 ladies + moi signed up for this cookie swap that i am hosting...i'm still taking names until october 1st. if you are at all interested, please let me know either via email or go to the flickr group i created...the deal is sharing a cookie recipe (or two, three, whatever you wish) with a swap partner & putting your recipes in some sort of decorated/embellished container (see above pic of what i made out of paper lunch sacks) can be simple or elaborate as you, if you want to swap cookies, that is totally up to you & your swap's not a requirement! the main thing is to craft some sort of decorated holder for your cookie recipe cards. not that bad, i don't think... when i return from my trip, i will begin pairing names...if there is an odd #, then i will be the swap partner for the extra person(s)... once i pair up folks & send you your swap partner 411, then you have until the week after thanksgiving (i think that's what i've said in flickr) to about the 1st week of december to mail your recipe cards and/or goodies...that's it in a nutshell. so c'mon, what are ya waiting for? i know you want to pour some {holiday} sugar! toodles! Posted by Picasa

tickled pink

oh, one more thing before i go, just some more snaps to tide you over in my absence... see ya {smile} when i get back. thanks for visiting! Posted by Picasa

crunch time

(photo copyright allen karsh, entitled "pemaquid point light") tomorrow i begin my journey to maine (first stop chicago, tho) & i have so much yet to do... i haven't even begun to pack yet (yikes!) as i've been taking care of some business... my etsy shop, getting the house cleaned, meals prepped for hubby, baking for sis' birthday tomorrow & getting a few art challenges completed 'cuz i don't own a laptop & so i will be "net-less" for about a week! one of these days, i will get a laptop...but for now, i will make do... & here are my early entries for studio friday & friday's finds>>> first, the topic for studio friday this week is on the outside. the question was posed: what does it look like outside your studio? well, i may have mentioned that dh & i live in the lower level of my folks' vacation house & my studio is actually located in one corner of the mechanical room. we happen to have french patio doors leading out to the back yard & to my little garden nooks. the photo collage above gives you a peek at the views i see whenever i go out the back doors. the neighborhood we live in is part of a larger deer farm & we often see deer traisping in & out of our back & front yards, as well as spy many other critters>>>birds, turkeys, racoons, skunks, rabbits, all sorts of bugs & butterflies! it really is quiet where we live...not many (human) traffic... sometimes it is nice to linger & meander from the back yard to the front yard & back. i so love being outdoors...such a simple pleasure!now for friday's finds this week, i share some of my recent treasures>>> vintage buttons & milk glass containers from a local secondhand shop, castaways; charming asian-motif purse & wristlet from target (of all places!); a couple of arty-inspirational books from barnes & noble & a couple of vintage bingo cards also from castaways. while i am away, i hope that you will continue to post your friday's finds on your individual site and/or of course, on flickr. i am excited to head east, but sad that i will be away from the blogosphere (waah!). but i promise to bring back a wicked bunch of photos & stories to share when i return the week of 10/2/06. until then, have a great week & shine on! Posted by Picasa

confession {lies}

(click on image to enlarge) this piece was inspired for both artwords & mixed media memoirs. the topic for artwords this week is confession & the topic for mmm is about lies...
my confession about telling lies
stems usually from my desire to keep the peace. or out of fear... i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings... so i hide my true feelings. i avoid confrontation/fights/bad scenes like the plague! i want to diffuse tension, to keep things light, to remain neutral, to minimize stress, to be nice, to save face, to get along, to stay sane. that's why i tell lies. not all the time mind you.
i'd rather tell the truth...
it's just that certain situations call for it or when i need
to feel "safe".
{btw, these are what are written to form the figure in this piece...
i apologize that my scanner did not pick up on the handwritten text} Posted by Picasa


is the theme for this week's wednesday stamper (i*heart*this group!)...& here is my entry>>> ever since blog sista nancy did her tutorial on "credit card painting", i've been having loads of fun experiementing & making my own painted backgrounds. it's been very freeing for me... i'm not one for clowns, but in the spirit of clowns (is there such a thing?!) i made a little clownish doll out of my wee self...& clowns are supposed to amuse & entertain folks, aren't they? oh well, i had fun amusing myself! see other clowns here. Posted by Picasa

lucky recipients

since i heard from 4 gals & there are 4 freebies, i decided to take names as follows instead of the usual "rules":nancy, you lucky gal, item #1 is yours! lisa, you finally won a freebie>>>item 2! windyangels, you won freebie item #3 (yes i will ship to canada & no, my studio still needs de-cluttering!, lol!!!!) & looney, you get item #4!!!! hooray to all the gals who participated in this week's wysiwyg wednesday! it makes my heart smile that each gal won something! & that y'all want to spread the good karma around...yay!!!! thanks so much for playing! ordinarily i would mail out freebies as soon as i hear from the lucky recipients (via email), but i'm getting ready for my long-awaited trip to maine & i leave tomorrow 9/22 & will return 10/1. i hope that the lucky gals (except looney, as i'll drop hers off since i'm heading for chicago to catch my flight out east & she's taking me to the airport!) will understand that i will mail their goodies when i return. i really hope that is cool with them! the next wysiwyg wednesday will be 10/4/06...until then, may the good karma be with you! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

wysiwyg wednesday 7

good morning! it's that time to play wysiwyg wednesday, yay! for those new to this, go here for rules & explanation. 1st item up for grabs: this lovely wedding themed magazine & tiny scrapbook kit... 2nd item for the taking: a baby-themed magazine as well as a baby-themed "brag" book... 3rd item: a summer themed magazine (CK's june 2005) & i threw in a couple of sheets of word stickers for your scrapbook pages, cards or other artwork needing some text! & lastly, 4th item: a diy dragonfly thank you card set (10 cards), which i found in the clearance bin... thought someone else could use this since i tend to make my own cards... there you have it...if ya see anything that trips yer trigger or you absolutely must have, then leave me a comment stating so...this is OPEN to any interested person, regardless of whether you played before or not. i will take names until 10 pm cst this evening after my must see tv show & announce the lucky recipients tomorrow, thursday 9/22. bonne chance & happy wednesday!!! Posted by Picasa

for my secret pal

i'm in this secret pal card swap hosted by local stamp place, crackerbox palace. every week for the next several weeks, i'm to anonymously send a stamped card to my "secret pal"...& @ the end of the swap, which is nov. 5, we get to reveal ourselves to our designated secret pal...sort of like "secret santa", but with a twist. of the cards we make, two of them are "challenges"...for this time around, one of the challenge is using the technique known as "iris folding". i've heard of it before, even seen it, but really not thrilled about doing this technique. i consulted my friend elsa, who is a whiz at this, & she was kind enough to teach me how to do is my effort>>> i found doing this technique rather tedious>>>all that searching for the right papers (here i've used strips of magazine ads from elsa's stash), cutting, folding, turning, keeping track of the pattern, etc., etc...while i am grateful to elsa's patient assistance in teaching me this, iris folding doesn't do anything for me, hate to say...i know elsa is a huge fan of this technique, but i (& she knows this) can live without it. i gave it a whirl, though i'm glad that this "challenge" is over & done with! the next challenge card is to basically start a card & then mail it unfinished to my secret pal & from there she will finish it off. now that's something i can handle! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

in flight

 Posted by Picasa

sheer gratitude

for the wonderful mail prezzies i got over the past couple of days! i am touched by these gifts of friendship & connection. thank you melba for these beautiful cards>>>esp. the follow your bliss...that is so perfect! i heart everything>>>you sure do know me, huh? thank you raesha for the lovely cards...i'm so digging your "hypnotic" atc! & kelli, thank you for this awesome cd---i listened to it as soon as i opened your tunes, perfect for crafting! {smile} i am so honored to know these fab gals...thank you for thinking of me & wanting to spread the creative wealth! Posted by Picasa

immigrant sisters

with someone is self-portrait challenge's month-long theme. for this week, i chose a snap of my sis looney {aka jo} & me taken this past weekend. we are "irish twins", born 11 months apart. our mother says that looney was born to be my "playmate">>>someone i could play with when we immigrated to the us so many moons ago. i was about 2 & looney was 1 when we came over. jo & i were inseparable back in the day... & even to this day, despite living a state apart, we remain very close. our folks like to retell stories about how mischievious we both were (though i have no recollection of this!)>>> how i was the "brain" & looney was the "braun" parents, who were in their early twenties at the time, were constantly locking up cupboards, doors & windows...according to them, the two of us got into all sorts of mischief. i guess we kept them on their toes! my mother, i'm told, recalled how she witnessed me stepping onto looney's back to undo the chain link on the door. caught in the act! & we often got busted by neighbors who would invariably spot the two of us little rugamuffins across the street at the public park, where the playground was! & we lived on a wicked busy street! i honestly do not remember escaping to the park with my sister...but they say we did that...A LOT! my sis looney was my very 1st buddy, playmate & (according to my folks) co-conspirator of mischief. and my parents (with help from above) couldn't have planned that more perfectly. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

more renegade

of course, i had to take snaps of the gardens at wicker park, where the renegade fair took place... & they had a farmer's market going on this morning, which i bought a lovely bouquet... what was inside our renegade goodie bag... & the kajillion biz cards i snatched up at the fair! yes, these were pretty much ALL the vendors i checked out {tho some booths ran out of cards :( } i think i will either make up a collage of this or start a crafty book to house all these cool biz cards. they each are little works of art...i need to preserve them somehow. i love to collect cards, can you tell? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 17, 2006

renegade rendezvous

just got back after being in chicago with my sistas & the chitterlings...what a FAB time we had! i cannot believe how incredibly packed wicker park was...we went both sat & sun>>> & craftivity was definitely in the air! there was an insane amount of crafty vendors, 150 total! & the park site is only about a couple of city blocks wide/long! there were a sea of tents & we tried to see & oggle as many of them as was possible. the chitterlings {aka my neices & nephews} started to crank out as their tiny legs could not keep up with the grown-ups! but we all had a blast, despite the wicked crowds & heat! & we got goodie bags too (i forgot to add a pic of our goodies in the photo collages...but i will upload more pics in the next post!)... it was kinda overwhelming to be there as there was SOOOOOOOOOOO much going on! but on my drive back to cheeseland after two fun-filled days at renegade i was able to sort out what i had just experienced & had taken mental notes of... first of all, there were many vendors that either sold (for 1 usd) or gave away these tiny 1 inch buttons (all manufactured by this chicago company, busy beaver buttons)...the kids, my sisters & i were just snatching these little gems up! i got to thinking how this would be a great idea for my etsy shop & melba's justBe weekend! (hey melba, YOU seriously need to have these cute buttons made for the justBe weekend! how wicked cool would that be?!)...i mean, we kept seeing these cute buttons EVERYWHERE! some vendors also had bigger buttons, but the tiny ones were/are just darlin'! giving me all sorts of wicked ideas!!!! then i noticed that arty t-shirts, altered vintage/retro clothing & felted wool bags/skirts seem to be hot items with many of the vendors! my sisters & i fell in love with this one gal's booth, chel domestic goodies (she, michelle, is working on her website at the moment), as we went nuts with her fab aprons (her booth is pictured in the first row of above photo collage) the collage below, i couldn't resist her red toile half & full aprons (they were marked down! always on the prowl for bargains, lol!)...too cute for words! my sis gail bought the same thing & sis looney bought a green toile version...there were so many amazing things there, one could do some major DAMAGE to one's pocketbook, okay?! but i did break down & buy some goodies, like the aprons i mentioned above, then also a poketo t-shirt {isn't the snail just precious?}, a couple of sweet magnets by my favorite mirror, a couple of charming button bracelets by piddleloop sewing team, a couple of cute earrings by niceLena & this fab monogramed tote bag (which the pic below got cut off!) by bang...i met soooooo many incredibly talented people at inspired & definitely got my brain churning with all sorts of crafty ideas...i love going to things like very inspiring! i even ran into the glitterworkshop gals & they informed me of their upcoming craftacular in novemeber...ooooh! i can't wait for that {i went last spring & it was wicked fun!!!!} i talked to a number of talented crafters & one gal was telling me how a few years ago there were hardly any "diy" type craft fairs...but NOW there are a ton of them just cropping up everywhere all over the country...a national trend it seems!>>> there's the crafty bastards fair in washington, dc on oct. 1; the diy trunk show o6 in chicago on nov. 18; one of a kind show & sale chicago, dec 8-10, another renegade fair in chicago; dec 9-10 & craftacular in madison, wi, nov. 25-26...& goodness knows how many others that i am not even aware about!!!!!!! the only bummer is that i have to fight my way through chicago traffic {argh!} to get to these events! & the next one that i'm going to go to is the country living fair on oct., am i'm gonna be able to stand all this excitement or what?! look out craft fairs, here i come {hee-hee}! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006

{shine on}

i will be away this weekend to go to the renegade fair in chicago with my sisters. it's an arty-farty event that my sis looney does not want me to miss! will tell all when i get the meantime, i share these snaps of this cool butterful mural. have a great weekend! Posted by Picasa
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