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Thursday, September 21, 2006

crunch time

(photo copyright allen karsh, entitled "pemaquid point light") tomorrow i begin my journey to maine (first stop chicago, tho) & i have so much yet to do... i haven't even begun to pack yet (yikes!) as i've been taking care of some business... my etsy shop, getting the house cleaned, meals prepped for hubby, baking for sis' birthday tomorrow & getting a few art challenges completed 'cuz i don't own a laptop & so i will be "net-less" for about a week! one of these days, i will get a laptop...but for now, i will make do... & here are my early entries for studio friday & friday's finds>>> first, the topic for studio friday this week is on the outside. the question was posed: what does it look like outside your studio? well, i may have mentioned that dh & i live in the lower level of my folks' vacation house & my studio is actually located in one corner of the mechanical room. we happen to have french patio doors leading out to the back yard & to my little garden nooks. the photo collage above gives you a peek at the views i see whenever i go out the back doors. the neighborhood we live in is part of a larger deer farm & we often see deer traisping in & out of our back & front yards, as well as spy many other critters>>>birds, turkeys, racoons, skunks, rabbits, all sorts of bugs & butterflies! it really is quiet where we live...not many (human) traffic... sometimes it is nice to linger & meander from the back yard to the front yard & back. i so love being outdoors...such a simple pleasure!now for friday's finds this week, i share some of my recent treasures>>> vintage buttons & milk glass containers from a local secondhand shop, castaways; charming asian-motif purse & wristlet from target (of all places!); a couple of arty-inspirational books from barnes & noble & a couple of vintage bingo cards also from castaways. while i am away, i hope that you will continue to post your friday's finds on your individual site and/or of course, on flickr. i am excited to head east, but sad that i will be away from the blogosphere (waah!). but i promise to bring back a wicked bunch of photos & stories to share when i return the week of 10/2/06. until then, have a great week & shine on! Posted by Picasa


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