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Sunday, September 17, 2006

renegade rendezvous

just got back after being in chicago with my sistas & the chitterlings...what a FAB time we had! i cannot believe how incredibly packed wicker park was...we went both sat & sun>>> & craftivity was definitely in the air! there was an insane amount of crafty vendors, 150 total! & the park site is only about a couple of city blocks wide/long! there were a sea of tents & we tried to see & oggle as many of them as was possible. the chitterlings {aka my neices & nephews} started to crank out as their tiny legs could not keep up with the grown-ups! but we all had a blast, despite the wicked crowds & heat! & we got goodie bags too (i forgot to add a pic of our goodies in the photo collages...but i will upload more pics in the next post!)... it was kinda overwhelming to be there as there was SOOOOOOOOOOO much going on! but on my drive back to cheeseland after two fun-filled days at renegade i was able to sort out what i had just experienced & had taken mental notes of... first of all, there were many vendors that either sold (for 1 usd) or gave away these tiny 1 inch buttons (all manufactured by this chicago company, busy beaver buttons)...the kids, my sisters & i were just snatching these little gems up! i got to thinking how this would be a great idea for my etsy shop & melba's justBe weekend! (hey melba, YOU seriously need to have these cute buttons made for the justBe weekend! how wicked cool would that be?!)...i mean, we kept seeing these cute buttons EVERYWHERE! some vendors also had bigger buttons, but the tiny ones were/are just darlin'! giving me all sorts of wicked ideas!!!! then i noticed that arty t-shirts, altered vintage/retro clothing & felted wool bags/skirts seem to be hot items with many of the vendors! my sisters & i fell in love with this one gal's booth, chel domestic goodies (she, michelle, is working on her website at the moment), as we went nuts with her fab aprons (her booth is pictured in the first row of above photo collage) the collage below, i couldn't resist her red toile half & full aprons (they were marked down! always on the prowl for bargains, lol!)...too cute for words! my sis gail bought the same thing & sis looney bought a green toile version...there were so many amazing things there, one could do some major DAMAGE to one's pocketbook, okay?! but i did break down & buy some goodies, like the aprons i mentioned above, then also a poketo t-shirt {isn't the snail just precious?}, a couple of sweet magnets by my favorite mirror, a couple of charming button bracelets by piddleloop sewing team, a couple of cute earrings by niceLena & this fab monogramed tote bag (which the pic below got cut off!) by bang...i met soooooo many incredibly talented people at inspired & definitely got my brain churning with all sorts of crafty ideas...i love going to things like very inspiring! i even ran into the glitterworkshop gals & they informed me of their upcoming craftacular in novemeber...ooooh! i can't wait for that {i went last spring & it was wicked fun!!!!} i talked to a number of talented crafters & one gal was telling me how a few years ago there were hardly any "diy" type craft fairs...but NOW there are a ton of them just cropping up everywhere all over the country...a national trend it seems!>>> there's the crafty bastards fair in washington, dc on oct. 1; the diy trunk show o6 in chicago on nov. 18; one of a kind show & sale chicago, dec 8-10, another renegade fair in chicago; dec 9-10 & craftacular in madison, wi, nov. 25-26...& goodness knows how many others that i am not even aware about!!!!!!! the only bummer is that i have to fight my way through chicago traffic {argh!} to get to these events! & the next one that i'm going to go to is the country living fair on oct., am i'm gonna be able to stand all this excitement or what?! look out craft fairs, here i come {hee-hee}! Posted by Picasa


  • At 9/18/2006 05:02:00 AM, Blogger sweet memories said…

    I am in love with your day and your finds! wow, what a weekend you had! I am sure your head is buzzing with inspiration! All these pics look to me like things you would make and sell in your beautiful shop someday! I especially love the tshirt with the buzzing snail...the bee buzzing is sort of my thing that I draw all the time....I used to win Miss Busy Bee every year in elementary school....I have to look this up on line and get one of these! adorable! welcome back! your week I am sure is going ot be FILLED with creating things that you were inspired by the weekend!

  • At 9/18/2006 07:56:00 AM, Blogger melba said…

    I am so grateful you take all these pictures and create a great post on your blog! We went to a craft fair on Saturday; the Harwich Cape Cod cranberry festival. It was nice. I ate fried veggies in a basket and the kids went on some rides. But the craft part was under this very huge tent, but was just ok. Pretty boring some; jewlery and some art of Cape Cod; nothing "funky" nothing "cool" nothing "alternative". I guess that is just the way Cape Cod is. I know there is a craft fair in December in Boston called the Bazaar Bizarre...sound like it is more up my ally!

  • At 9/19/2006 07:51:00 AM, Blogger Glitter Workshop said…

    Hi Sweetie! It was wonderful to see you there with your whole group of family! Someday I will brave bringing my kids with to help with sales.

    Renegade was so wonderful, even if it was overwhelming! Every time I do one of these shows I really question why I do them and spend so much energy, and time on everything. My poor kids had to eat pizza and take out almost all week before the show! Then, I meet all of you, make some great connections (and sales, thank god!), and it is all worth it.

    The 1" buttons are wonderful, I agree. We actually have a machine to make them too, so let me know if you were ever interested in doing a design!

    Well, time for a coffee, and to start cleaning up my house a little before starting back in at work.

    The Country Living fair sounds like so much fun! We are co-hosting a fashion show at the High Noon with Circa Vintage on the seventh, so I won't be able to make it, but I hope that is something they continue doing.

    xo Naomi,
    The Glitter Workshop

  • At 9/20/2006 12:15:00 PM, Anonymous looney said…

    your collages really are amazing! you really captured the spirit of the weekend...loved meeting so many creative souls and seeing their unique creations!

    hi, naomi! so glad your shoppe was there at the renegade fair. my lil' daughter, shioban, couldn't keep her hands off all your adorable items...her favorite was the bambi pin and mine, well...everything! thank you for all your hard work and putting so much energy into your shoppe, it really shows in your work and made the renegade fair so well worth the trip! much success in all your new endeavors...

    xoxo looney


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