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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

wysiwyg wednesday

it's late & not wednesday yet, but i thought i'd go ahead post this week's edition of wysiwyg wednesday before i go down for the review the rules, go here. the one & only item up for grabs this week is the wicked huge scrapbooking tip book you'll ever want to own! it is rather HEFTY, so i can only imagine what postage is gonna cost me on this {ahem, that's why i'm only doing one item this time around...i've got a few other packages to mail out this week & you know how it is...things start to ADD up!}... anyhoo, if you are interested in this nifty book, pls. drop me a line stating so. i will take names until 10 pm tomorrow wednesday night (11/1/06>>>sheesh, it's november already!!!!). since project runway is done {& btw, i'm actually glad that jeffrey won as he was the most innovative designer among the 4, i digress}, my new wednesday must-see tv, believe it or not, is laguna beach...why i find this teen soap opera of rich & spoiled brats so intriguing i'll never know!...oh well, it fills a void i suppose...oh yes, back to business at hand>>> on thursday, 11/2, i will announce this week's ww's lucky recipient. speaking of november, tomorrow i will begin my challenge to do kats paws' art everday (AEM). i'm looking forward to beginning this journey {smile}...until then, good luck & happy {almost} wednesday! Posted by Picasa

4th one done!

here's the last of the bunch for that vintage christmas matchbox swap i mentioned in post glad to cross this one off the, the next swap is the cookie one! Posted by Picasa

more than meets the eye

for some time now, i have been fretting about getting these vintage matchbox christmas ornaments done for vintage dragonfly's swap (due this nov. 20th). i had an epiphany over the weekend & the following is what resulted>>> three down & one more to dh called me to eat before i hit the sack tonite, i will finish the 4th one & be done! Posted by Picasa


today, besides being HALLOWEEN, is the last day of self-portrait challange's theme, imperfection. november's theme will be glam & that is gonna be a real CHALLENGE for me because i don't wear make-up, apart from my tinted lip balm (terra tints) and eyebrow pencil. getting all dolled up is not what i typically do these days... i mean i used to wear the stuff when i was in my teens & 20s, but as the years have gone by & after i met my dh {who says i don't need makeup bec. i'm beautiful without it}, i've pretty much ditched my cosmetic bag! much to the chagrin to my middle sister, who is a total fashionista. i guess i could use a bit of concealer, light foundation, blush, eyeshadow & mascara>>>we'll see...i know i can look more polished & sophisticated if i put a little bit more effort...but at the moment, while it's still october, i remain frightfully imperfect. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

happy haunting!

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just the elves

is a vintage christmas swap that i participated in. the swap is being hosted by ellia & this morning, i received my swap package from nina {who is actually ellia's mom}. thanks nina for your thoughtfulness & the neat eclectic finds>>>your package came so fast!! what a pleasant surprise...i am sure i will find some use with all that holiday ric rac, papers & postcards! i especially love the little girl pin {did you make that?} it is too cute. thanks again nina for your kind & thoughtful generosity! well, i'm off to flickr to post my swap pics there... Posted by Picasa

check this out!

i forgot in the post below to put the link to mixed media artist, bernie berlin. she has a blog>>>it's called, a place to bark....& meow (how cute!)...i just visited her site & i am so impressed with her compassion/passion for animal rescue. i didn't realize when i read the article about her & the ebay auction {art unleashed} in cloth, paper, scissors that she is the same artist, whose book i have on my amazon wish list! wow, how wicked cool is that?! i will do what i can to help support this very worthy cause. all 5 of our cats were strays & it just makes me so sad to know that there are cats {& dogs, other creatures} that aren't as lucky as our kitty tribe. on bernie's blog, she lists ways to help...when you get a chance, please check it out. thank you!

art unleashed everyday

over the weekend, i read this wicked cool magazine from cover to cover. there were so many fabulous techniques & ideas>>>i just lurve this magazine! it never fails to inspire & inform me. two articles that stood out for me were the purse book project (by artist, debbi crane) and art unleashed auction (by artist, bernie berlin) ...totally thought-provoking & amazing folks! if you haven't snatched up this latest copy, you should>>>pronto! in the purse book project, debbi crane created these wicked cunnin' miniature (3 in or less) purse books EVERY DAY in 2004. through sickness & good health, she never skipped a day! & each purse book was different. she is an elementary art teacher & her students would keep her accountable, always asking her to see her latest purse. she felt that she had to set a good example to her students>>>teach them that "art IS important" & had to practiced what she preached! she also goes on to say that if one does embark on this daily art project journey to focus not on making a masterpiece each & everytime, but rather on the actual daily doing. for her, engaging in art every day for an entire year enabled her to master techniques, gain confidence in her creative choices, and to see all the possibilities in every day. what an impressive accomplishment. i wondered if i could rise up to this challenge? then i read in melba's blog about art everday in the month (AEM) , a challenge created by kat's paws. i went to kat's blog & i commented, i'm so in! i am looking forward to starts on november 1 (this wednesday) until the end of the month. kat has been doing this for a few years with success. check it out if you are interested in joining...kat says that she doesn't want this to be any pressure. you can create art (whatever form you desire>>>drawing, painting, writing poetry, knitting, etc) every day, once a week or when you get the chance all in the month of november. i think this is doable for me... the other article of interest in the latest issue of cloth, paper scissors (depicted above) is the one highlighting this cool ebay auction with a CAUSE>>> art unleashed. this is the brain child of mixed media artist, bernie berlin of portland, tn. for years, she has been doing animal rescue in her area. & from november 5-15, you can go on ebay & bid on many artworks of some well-known folks (traci bautista, lynne perella, claudine hellmuth, dj pettitt, nina bagley & so many others), all what berlin calls "an artful fusion of hearts and hands working together to benefit animals in need." too cool for words, really. will make sure to pop by ebay & check it all out. i just love when things like the above come into my life...i bet it's no coincidence.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


this was sent to me by my friend teresa & i thought it was worth passing on... Watch your Thoughts They become your Words Watch your Words They become your Actions Watch your Actions They become your Habits Watch your Habits They become your Character Watch your Character It becomes your Destiny (Author Unknown)

melba's Q & A

today must be tag day bec. this is the second one i'm doing. this time, it's from my dear blog sista, melba... & it has to do with creative blogging. it was through her blog that i was inspired to become a "creative blogger"... Do you participate in Creative Challenges? yes Why? it gets me off my duff & go create something gives me yet another reason to make something from my own two hands & to actually use all this art supply stuff that i have amassed over the years, lol! Why not? sometimes i might not have the time or energy to participate in the challenges every week... What do you like about Creative Challenges? the themes or topics give me a parameter to focus on... What are some of your Favorite Creative Challenge sites? art making ones tend to appeal to me, though i have always wanted to participate in the writing sites, like poetry thursday & sunday's scribblings....maybe one of these days i will delurk, lol. the ones that i seem to churn out pieces for are: mixed media memoirs, artwords, self-portrait challenge, inspire me thursday, studio friday & wednesday stamper. What are some of your favorite and least favorite attributes of Creative Challenges sites? (for example...I like that Illustration Friday emails me every Friday their new topic. I don't like when I can't relate to a topic) ..i like how all these sites push the envelope for me as a creative person...i sometimes put undue pressure on myself to hurry up & think of something to contribute...i don't like to be rushed. & sometimes, i need more than a few days to come up with something. What other Creative Challenges would you participate in? there are so many out there! but i would like to someday try my hand with poetry thursday, sunday's scribblings & illio friday... What is your favorite piece you have created for a challenge? it's kinda hard for me to pinpoint just one piece as i am biased & like all that i've submitted. i guess, if i had to choose, i will pick the one i did for inspire me thursday a few months ago, a piece for the "child's play" challenge, which did not take very long to whip up. but i am also liking the one i recently did for mixed media memoirs, "love is..."...a lot of thought went into that one & i'm pleased with the turnout. Anything else?i am grateful to all the wonderful creative challenges out there>>>it really has opened me up & pushed me in ways that i thought not possible. i advocate strongly the need & necessity for creative self-expression. it is truly a comfort to me to know that there are so many amazing & talented like-minded souls out there. it does give one such HOPE. & i feel blessed to have come into contact with so many dear kindred spirits (& you know who you are!). if you'd like to answer this creative blogging tag, by all means do so. just let me know if you've posted your responses on your blog & i will come & read all about it. bella sunday!


my dear blogging pal andria tagged me, which i am happy to oblige, lol! it has to do with spilling your guts about weirdness...this mission, if you choose to accept it, is to list nine weird things about yourself and then tag nine more people to do the same, so watch out, you might be next. drum roll please... 1. my dh & i live in a rather big house>>>just the two of us rattling around this place. & when my family (i.e., parents, siblings, neices & nephews, in-laws) aren't visiting, i get easily spooked in this big ol' house. it doesn't help that my dh likes to hide in a dark corner & jump out & scare the living bejeezus outta me!!!!! & when joe (the dh) is at work & i'm at home all by my lonesome, i must have either the tv or radio blasting so that i can pretend that i am not alone. i know, i hate to be alone, especially here, as we live in a sparsely populated subdivision in the woods...sometimes my imagination gets the better of me! 2. some people might find this weird that we have 5 cats (at one time, we used to have 6!) & we treat them like family...not exactly like children, but as family. they are so loyal & loving to us & we do think about their welfare & well-being, especially when dh & i have to go on an extended trip somewhere. we hate to leave the cats for too long...we really believe that they do miss us as much as we miss them! & yes, we get a "babysitter" (or is it catsitter?) when we go on long trips (more than a weekend). 3. while we are on the subject of cats, here's another cat tale>>>when one of our cats was MIA, two weeks before our wedding in 2002, dh & i were in such a depressed state. we had searched high & low for that cat & our worst fear that he was either hit by a car or worser yet, eaten by something in the woods, consumed us. joe & i actually had a little memorial for the cat in my cutting garden. i even made a small stone marker for him! & we really did mourn for this cat {i know, this sounds crazy, but true!)...& then wouldn't you know that days before our wedding, in comes our cat, all anorexic & filthy...he was alive! we thought him dead & here he came through the back kitchen door. 4. i am repulsed by lady bugs/japanese beetles! i never used to have a problem with them until a few years back, when our entire back wall of one of our rooms was literally covered with these suckers! my skin gets all goose-pimply just thinking about them! they are so incredibly disgusting! i cannot stand the sight of them covering the wall! i absolutely insist that the dh vacuum them up & toss them outside!!!! i cannot even look at a picture of a ladybug without hyperventilating! 5. i don't do well either with other's bodily fluids, such as sputum, blood, urine/fecal {yuck!} or emesis (i.e., barf)! i used to work in a hospital & would be invariably confronted by one or all of the above! i almost always call for a nurse or tech makes me sick just thinking about it! one time, i recall vividly when i had to assist an elderly outpatient {female} to the bathroom. she had to do #2, & she was paralyzed on the right side of her body >>> i will spare you the gory details>>>>trust me when i say it was not pretty folks! 6. as much as i love the ocean, i have a phobia about swimming. actually, i don't know how to! i've tried to get over my fear when i was in grad school, but i just could not bring myself to putting my face in the water & expected to breath & open my eyes! i'd rather wear protective gear {life vest} when i go out in joe's fishing boat. my dh has for years tried to get me to learn...but i won't do it. i'm terrified to death of drowning (i know, illiogical on my part). 7. whenever i've had a long day at work or something, i beg my dh to rub my feet. for some weird reason, i almost always so relaxed & fall right to sleep. sometimes i return the favor & rub his feet, that is if i haven't already dropped off to sleep! 8. my dh & i have an odd pet name for one another>>>cous-cous or its variant, cou-cou. it's a long story that involves my father demanding rice at a fancy restaurant instead of the cous cous that was on the menu {i assure you it was embarrasing!}... anyhoo, ever since i told joe about that "little" scene many years ago where my father threw a hissy, joe & i have called each other cous-cous or cou-cou. my neices & nephews will sometimes ask how uncle cou-cou is doing! & we're so used to calling each other that, that when we are out in public we forget & call each other cou-cou & boy, do we get some looks! i know, why can't we just say, hon or sweetie? it would be weird if we seems perfectly natural for us to use that unusual pet name. ah, to each his own, right? at least it's not, "yo bit@#" or "dumba$@"!!! 9. whenever i get together with my sisters, we immediately get into "sisterspeak" mode...drives our male family members crazy. my sisters & i tend to sound uncannily alike & we have so many code names, it's not even funny. my one bil is like, can you repeat that, but in english? we can't help it though, you know what i mean? well, those are my 9 weird things about me (i'm sure i have more, but i can't think of them at the moment, hahaha!) it's your turn & considered yourself tagged (only if you want to)...i'm gonna leave it up to you. come on, everyone's got a little somethin-somethin- weird about them. group sharing>>>it's a good thing.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

saturday craftivity

hope you are having a wonderful saturday...have been busy crafting away, trying to systematically complete all my are some cards i made for a card swap i'm in at my local stampin' place...the themes were memories & christmas...well, back to the grindstone...more projects to complete, hehehe... Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

love is...

is this week's topic for mixed media memoirs. it's making reference to the 4th chakra, balanced heart, in the book {true balance} that i'm collectively reading with melba, when i first learned about the mmm topic, i thought, love is...bliss. but after thinking on that, i remembered that pat benatar song, love is...a battlefield. the concept of love has many meanings as well as ups & downs, hasn't it? i actually looked it up online here & then came up with my mmm: love affair of the heart. i thought it would be a more appropriate piece for my thoughts on balanced heart, the 4th chakra. i've used the traditional chinese character for love in this collage as it consists of a heart (middle) inside of accept, feel & perceive. for the past couple of weeks, i have been ruminating on what i've read re: the 4th chakra in true balance. so far, i have been happily following along this book... until i got to this 4th chapter. the book up until this point has been enlightening, but now i have mixed feelings with this chapter. here dr. choquette defined a balanced heart as being open (so far, i agree) and an imbalanced heart as being closed (no problem, i agree with this too). she goes on to say that a balanced heart holds no judgement and is all-inclusive accepting, even to those with a closed heart. & that those closed- hearted folks are actually loving people on the inside who have put up a major shield around themselves ("protective heart") because they have suffered some wrong/ill & thus, distance themselves from others (i.e., they are "emotionally unavailable"). i don't know whether i am interpreting this correctly or not, but all i know is that i am not buying that. i consider myself to be a loving & lovable person. i wish no harm to anyone (human or not). i strive to treat people with respect, honesty & decency. i am civil & cordial to the best of my ability... but this WORLD is full of PSYCHOS and not too mention, HATERS. psychos & haters are toxic, are they not? news flash, there are inherently EVIL people out there in this planet we live on...that's reality. i'm sorry, but i don't make it a practice to embrace toxity, in any forms that it may take! i'm finding it hard to believe that in order to have a balanced heart i must open up my heart to someone who is self-absorbed, insensitive, condescending, narsicssitic, sick, crazy, depraved>>>what this psychologist (dr. albert j. bernstein) termed: emotional vampires. {warning, warning will robinson! toxic people on the loose>>> they may be hazardous to your health!} sure, i will buy that we were all created in the image of almighty God. but then there is free will .... sooner or later, people inevitably choose to be either a lover or a hater. i suppose, dr. choquette would argue that i'm being closed hearted because i prefer to be selective to whom i open my heart.'s called, self-preservation folks, to limit and/or eliminate all that is toxic (humans included) to your health & well-being. if i didn't do that, i would not be the well-adjusted person that i believe i am today. & for the record, i AM a LOVER. Posted by Picasa


what is up with blogger?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't post any pics for my friday's finds and mixed media memoirs...what the he#@! sorry>>>i'm cursing over here...i will try to post later (if blogger will let me)....dag-nabit!!!! addendum: i have no flippin' idea what the heck is going on...but somehow my friday's finds post, well, it posted! what gives blogger???

friday's finds

hi all. i've been trying for the past couple of hours to post my finds for this week's friday's finds...what gives picasa/blogger?! so annoying when blogger is not cooperating!!!! anyway, here are my finds (i feel like i've typed this commentary a million times already, but i will, with fingers crossed, hope that this makes it this time!)>>> i've got christmas on the brain & i was delighted to find these lovely vintage-inspired holiday papers from sticker planet. just in time for my holiday paper crafting! i just got these unmounted stamps from stamp diva...aren't they fun? can't wait to try these out for all sorts of paper lovelies... & i found these nifty idea books (i know, not more of that! but i can't resist the bargain prices & who knows, they might end up in wysiwyg wednesday, hehehe) from the clearance bins of hobby lobby, a national chain craft store. what about you? don't be shy, i'd like to see/read all about your cool finds for this week. do so by either dropping me a comment with your link or you can go to flickr. have a great friday & weekend y'all! oh yes, don't forget to set your clocks back tomorrow's that time of year folks :)! Posted by Picasa


is this week's theme for studio friday>>>is this soooo ME or WHAT?! collecting is so my's a sickness, i know...but then i wouldn't have dreamed up friday's finds, hehehe! my studio when it is um is total disaster at the moment>>>again, lol>>> (not pretty folks!)...& below are just some peeks into my VAST collections (hehehe)...enjoy & thanks for visiting {smile}! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

one more thing

before i head into la-la land...whew! what a day i had at the school. got so spoiled waking up after the sun's been up awhile...have to get used to waking up before the crack of dawn in the pitch blackness>>>yuck-o! anyhoo, i get to the school, a brand new school at that, & people were happy to see me come through the door...i really wasn't expecting to do much therapy time today seeing as i've never laid eyes on my students & haven't really gotten the chance to read their IEPs (that's schoolspeak for individual education plans)...i was more like, um, let me get oriented to the building first people before you start throwing me to the wolves, i mean, chitlins! no, it wasn't that bad...let's just say, the principal & autism teachers were so happy to see me. now the kiddoes on the otherhand (8 students, all boys grades 3 &4), some of them really did not want to have anything to do with me. i really did not take offense as i expected that (these boys are all students in the autism program)'s my 1st day there & it takes time to establish rapport & all that...i couldn't believe, though, that some of the teachers just wanted me to jump right in with formal therapy>>>uh, wrong-o! not with these bunch, okay?! got to have the lay of land, so to speak, get myself organized & familiar with the joint first please. important stuff like the ladies' room & such, lol! i guess they are a little bit excited to have a speech therapist for these students again. all in all, i think things will be fine {that typed with fingers crossed}... okay, okay, i have one more other thing before i sign off for the night>>>i just got through reading the 4th chapter of true's on the 4th chakra, the heart. & since it's way past my bed-time & it's a school nite, i won't write up just yet my thoughts about this chapter...all i will say is that i am not agreeing with the author on some of what she says regarding how to approach someone with a "closed" was kinda an uncomfortable chapter to read...more about that tomorrow... Posted by Picasa

holy smokes, the heat is on!

since there were an odd # of cookie swappers in this cookie swap that i'm hosting, i offered to take on 2 swap partners...well, one of them already sent me her swap goodies! can you believe this?! i am excited to receive my swap goodies, which came in the today's mail>>>thanks a million sure are one overachievin' gal, lol! how cute is this tag book she's made for moi?! love the color scheme, buttons & teeny tiny tag! very cc (cute & clever), hehehe... the pic does not do this darlin' recipe book's sooooooo cool in real life. she not only provided me several wonderful cookie recipes, but attached pics of them...they sure do look scrump-dilly-ishous! {is that even a word?!, whatever)... i love that she made everything she sent me, like this wicked cute holiday door hanger. wow, i am amazed by how quickly she got this swap done! i have yet to start on mine for her & susan, my other swap buddy {yikes!}...the pressure is kicked up a notch, thanks to jo, lol! so how 'bout you? got your cookie recipes done for your swap partner yet? well, time's a-tickin', so get crackin'! {& that goes for me too!}... just a friendly reminder that y'all (except of course, little miss overachiever {ahem} jo, lol) need to be sending your swap goodies to your partner during the weeks of november 20-december 4, i think i said that previously...go to flickr & read the exact wording to be sure. okey-dokey? good, get movin' (well, maybe tomorrow morning anyway, seeing as it's late already & i really ought to go to bed now)... Posted by Picasa


is this week's challenge for wednesday appropriate since halloween is right around the corner...i was in the mood after work today to make something for this occasion. i've used here papers, stamped images from various companies (too many & too tired to name!), vintage-inspired halloween stickers & ribbons... oh yes, the witch's hat was my own concoction of paper & markers. go here to check out other cool halloween art {smile}. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

fall atcs

done for this local swap i'm in...i've made a couple of extras & thinking about putting them in my etsy shop. can one sell atcs i wonder? i know they are usually for trading, but i think i've seen people sell atcs in their online shops...hmmm....i've got an extra one from the goody 2 shoes atc too...wonder how much to sell 'em for? hmmmm....oh well, we'll see...i've gotta hit the hay now 'cuz early to rise to school to work with the kiddoes there...wish me luck!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

to my dear blog sistas & pals...

hi dear friends! just wanted to tell you all (& you know who you are) that while i may not be visiting your blogs as regularly as i have had in the past, please know that you are all in my thoughts & prayers...not a day, no minute, goes by without me thinking about all you wonderful gals i've met via the blogosphere>>>wondering how you each are, how your day is going, how life is treating you, how your family is, etc. just the other day, i received a lovely postcard from dear blog sista judy, who's been away visiting her son & dil in australia...she is such a sweetheart to think of me! lately, particularly since i have made the leap from employee to self-employed, i've become more busy than ever & truth be told, i'm doing what i can to keep up with myself, lol! i've so many WIPs that it's not even funny (my sis looney knows what i am talking about!! she's seen the state of my studio>>>audrey, you were so right on about not being able to keep the studio "slob-free"!)...i realize that the long hours, many projects & blood, sweat & tears (well, i've not gotten to the "tears" part as of yet) are part & parcel to being one's own boss...i'm not complaining or anything...i just wanted to explain my absence from visiting my blog sistas & pals...i've been consumed lately with sorting out the business aspects of my private speech therapy practice as well as delving into all sorts of arty-craftsy projects (i.e., trying to stock my etsy shop, complete swaps i'm in on & offline, put together a series of artwork to present to local library for art display) addition, i've been contracted to work a couple a days a week at a school district & i start that position on wednesday... so you see my dear sistas & friends, i'm not purposely ignoring you & heavens no, i have not forgotten you...i've just got lots of pots boiling (& double boiling as well, lol!)... so please bear with me as i get myself into a more efficient routine (i type that with fingers crossed!). i have been reading the book, true balance, with another dear blog sista melba, & at the moment, i am juggling (more like struggling to balance) all my business, family, personal & social commitments & obligations...trying very hard to carry on & make it all work... i know that in the end, it will all work out...i have every faith that it all will {wink & smile}. in the midst of the chaos known as my life, wasn't i just pleased to bits to receive some lovely surprises in the mail today? my long-time friend angie wangie sent me a cookie book, kitty stickers & cute halloween card & michel (who btw needs to have a BLOG! you need to delurk my dear, lol!!!) sent me a cool handmade halloween card & boo banner>>>how wicked cool ladies!!!! you st. louie girls rock! thank you for your extreme thoughtfulness>>>i love everything!& after the postal run i did this morning (& boy did i mail a BUNCH of stuff today>>>my vintage xmas swap package, wysiwyg wed freebies & nancy's purchase from my etsy shop>>>thank you so much nance!!!), i rewarded myself by getting the latest cloth, paper & scissors>>>the little purses are just too cute>>>these are right up my alley & i so need to make these things! {sigh} yet another project to add to my never-ending to-do list... anyhoo, this is how my life is at the moment...& please know that you all are close to my heart. i will be visiting real soon. in the meantime, i am sending you all much love & positive karma your way. take care mes bonne amis! la-la (aka love), mary ann xo Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006

salvaged sunday

all was not a total loss this weekend>>>my sis, mom, chitlins & i ventured out for some fun shopping & then exploring...& not too mention fun halloween cookie baking & decorating...i'm so glad that we made the best of our visit & weekend despite yesterday's fiasco at sweet street! the kids wanted to see that silo with the pumpkin head that i had posted a couple days ago...we took a country drive to the farm & had fun checking it out... then after dinner, we all got into the halloween spirit and baked/decorated our little hearts out! my nephew ian, he was more of a taste-tester than worker bee (he's the little guy with the black tongue & frosting covered mouth in pic above) ...he was promptly "fired" (a la donald trump style, lol) after eating about 5 cookies... even though yesterday's sweet street was a bust, we managed to make our own "sweet treats"...& there ain't nothin' wrong with that {smile}. Posted by Picasa
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