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Monday, October 30, 2006

art unleashed everyday

over the weekend, i read this wicked cool magazine from cover to cover. there were so many fabulous techniques & ideas>>>i just lurve this magazine! it never fails to inspire & inform me. two articles that stood out for me were the purse book project (by artist, debbi crane) and art unleashed auction (by artist, bernie berlin) ...totally thought-provoking & amazing folks! if you haven't snatched up this latest copy, you should>>>pronto! in the purse book project, debbi crane created these wicked cunnin' miniature (3 in or less) purse books EVERY DAY in 2004. through sickness & good health, she never skipped a day! & each purse book was different. she is an elementary art teacher & her students would keep her accountable, always asking her to see her latest purse. she felt that she had to set a good example to her students>>>teach them that "art IS important" & had to practiced what she preached! she also goes on to say that if one does embark on this daily art project journey to focus not on making a masterpiece each & everytime, but rather on the actual daily doing. for her, engaging in art every day for an entire year enabled her to master techniques, gain confidence in her creative choices, and to see all the possibilities in every day. what an impressive accomplishment. i wondered if i could rise up to this challenge? then i read in melba's blog about art everday in the month (AEM) , a challenge created by kat's paws. i went to kat's blog & i commented, i'm so in! i am looking forward to starts on november 1 (this wednesday) until the end of the month. kat has been doing this for a few years with success. check it out if you are interested in joining...kat says that she doesn't want this to be any pressure. you can create art (whatever form you desire>>>drawing, painting, writing poetry, knitting, etc) every day, once a week or when you get the chance all in the month of november. i think this is doable for me... the other article of interest in the latest issue of cloth, paper scissors (depicted above) is the one highlighting this cool ebay auction with a CAUSE>>> art unleashed. this is the brain child of mixed media artist, bernie berlin of portland, tn. for years, she has been doing animal rescue in her area. & from november 5-15, you can go on ebay & bid on many artworks of some well-known folks (traci bautista, lynne perella, claudine hellmuth, dj pettitt, nina bagley & so many others), all what berlin calls "an artful fusion of hearts and hands working together to benefit animals in need." too cool for words, really. will make sure to pop by ebay & check it all out. i just love when things like the above come into my life...i bet it's no coincidence.


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