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Sunday, October 08, 2006

friday's finds {late entry}

gosh! it's been ages since i posted something for friday's finds... since i went to the cl fair on opening day this past friday, here are some {quite modest} things i picked up there {i'm still waiting to receive the box of my maine loot that i had mailed to myself when i was in maine, lol!}>>> a $10.00 usd tee (a virtual bargain compared to the 4+-digit price tags i saw there)... cool biz cards, cost:free {except for the farm chicks' stickers @ $1.00usd each & the sweet photo of child>>>that one was actually in my pocketbook & cost me a mere .25 cents at the montsweag flea market in maine} assortment of free (doncha just love freebies?!) flyers, brouchures & postcards (except for the santa postcard, which was hand pressed by julie belcher of yee-haw industries & cost me $4.00 usd>>>i know, i "splurged", lol!) & small ticket items ranging from $7.00 usd (the kitty ornament made out of glass glitter) to $1.00 usd (like the vintage christmas decals & dies as well as sweet sticker foils >>>click on pic to enlarge)... believe me, if money were not an issue, i would have been shopping till i drop!!! while it cost me $24 (12 for tix & 12 for parking!) plus not to mention, the $$$ for gas to get there from my sis' house & the $7.00 + change for my "gourmet" hotdog lunch) to attend this event, the memories i have taken away from this whole country living experience: priceless.


  • At 10/09/2006 02:56:00 PM, Anonymous looney said…

    fantastic friday finds...wish i was there looking at all the great treasures of your pictures and really captured the spirit of the day! xoxo looney


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