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Sunday, October 08, 2006

more goodies

last friday after the fair, i was (understandably so) wicked tired! & instead of driving myself back to cheeseland that night (& joe didn't want me to drive home in an exhausted state), i hung out with my pal angie wangie & got better acquainted with her buds, jennifer & lori (not sure how she spells her name). we had a nice dinner at a local eatery not too far from the botanic garden & the hotel angie, et al were staying. i'm glad i waited until morning to head back home, because i so hate nighttime driving & i was very tired... it was a fun, impromtu girls nite out>>>we even picked up some cocktails at a local liquor store to take back to the hotel room & have an old-fashioned slumber party (i hadn't done this, apart from hanging with my sisters, for ages!)... can you believe this?>>> the man at the liquor store carded me! well, all-right is all i gotta say! & i found my most favorite blueberry beer (bar harbor brewery) there (yippee!!!!)... it was a most enjoyable evening catching up with my long-time friend angie & meeting & getting to know her pals... yesterday morning i started my trek back home...i decided to take a different route home as i didn't want to backtrack to chicago (argh, the highways & traffic there are ATROCIOUS!) i left illinois & entered cheeseland in kenosha, i decided to gas up when i spotted a cracker barrel nearby (my friend annie loves this place>>>ever since she came to visit me last april, she has been hoping one would crop up in maine!)...thought i'd check out their country store>>>& i'm glad that i did bec. they were having sales! NOW we're talking my kinda prices, hehehe! like some of these halloween trinkets (the pumpkin votive holder & faux carved pumpkin & cat/pumpkin pin were from cracker barrel; the rest i found recently at the christmas tree shop in south portland, maine)... i couldn't resist taking this pocketbook home from the cracker barrel>>>it was seriously marked down (50% off)!!! it will be my new fall carry-all>>> i am such a sucker for butterflies & flowers! when i finally made my way home (more about that later), i found this halloween prezzie from my pal explosive kitten. sadly, there was not enough interest in her secret swap, so she sent this "thanks for trying" goodie package...she made the pumpkin doll, isn't it darlin? & the little treat bag was yummy! thanks ek for your generous prezzie...only sorry that the secret swap didn't take off as you had hoped! i would have greatly enjoyed it! a few months ago, i won this from ebay (actually won a preorder) & it arrived while i was at my sister's! i'm so wicked excited!!!!! i absolutely, positively LOVE the aussie series, mcleod's daughters (i so wish the WE cable channel hadn't cancelled this series!) now i'm resorting to buying the release of american dvds!!!! the show is in it's 7th or 8th season (wouldn't know now as i've been caught off thanks to we channel!)...well, anyhoo, something to strive for>>>to collect all the dvds...i cannot get enough of this show! i just admire stories about strong, independent & intelligent women (& the men casted in the series are not too shabby>>> definitely easy on the eyes, lol)! well, i have more to share, so stayed tuned... Posted by Picasa


  • At 10/09/2006 02:54:00 PM, Anonymous looney said…

    man is a rainbow following you wherever you go??? what great goodies and wish that hallow eve's swap could've stayed alive...that would have been so darling! xoxo looney


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