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Sunday, October 22, 2006

never again

i hope you had a nice weekend... i was so looking forward to taking my nieces & nephews as well as my sis looney to this event yesterday...boy, was it ever a major let-down, let me tell ya! we should have known when we had to wait in incredibly long lines the moment we got to the place!!! i mean, first there was a wicked long line just to get into the parking lot, then outside the stadium (& it was cold & rainy), and once inside, there was only ONE lady processing folks in...after that there was a ginormous line (about 100 people deep or so!) to go (indoor) trick-or-treating! it was utter CHAOS there! a kajillion kids in costumes with their parent(s) & flippin' LINES everywhere you turned! a line to the giant slide thingie, a line to the jumping place, a line to the miniature golf, etc...& folks were pushin' & shovin', the noise level, i'm sure was 10 million decibels above what's considered the safe hearing zone! needless to say, my sis & i were NOT IMPRESSED! i felt bad that my sis & the chitlins drove all the way from chicago to come to this flop! all week, the radio station i listen to advertised this fun indoor trick-or-treating/halloween event for kids of all ages...both my sis & i imagined that the kids would dress up & go door-to-door & get candies as well as get to do all sorts of fun & crafty things...well, WRONG-O! it was too much, overwhelming & disorganized....the wicked long lines>>>argh! we weren't the only ones complaining...when you are standing in line for what seems like eternity, you inevitably hear all sorts of complaints from "fellow long-line victims"...commiserating in line seemed the natural sort of thing to do, you know what i mean? after all that waiting & shuffling in line, we finally get into "sweet street" (advertised as 30 "houses" of trick-or-treating) & what do we get>>>but people dressed in STREET clothes, sitting on stools w/ buckets of candy....there was NO house for the kidlets to ring the doorbell or knock on & get to say, "trick or treat, smell my feet"...oh no, there was none of that! the "houses" were actually just painted backdrops & it took all of FIVE flippin' minutes to walk, no breeze, through the 30 people sitting on their respective as*#! what?!!!! excuse me, we waited in a freakishly long line for that b-s?!!!! what a crock! we could have gone to sam's club & bought our own buckets of candy!!!!! alright, rant my sis looney said, shaking her head vigorously: NEVER AGAIN! & you know the saying, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade...well we made the best of it...the kids (except for the 9 yr. old niece) didn't know any better...they liked getting the candy & seeing other chitlins' all dressed up... my sis & i vowed that next time, we won't get sucked into anymore events that sound too good to be true! Posted by Picasa


  • At 10/23/2006 03:57:00 AM, Anonymous looney said…

    whew!!! the midnite travellers finally made it home safely in one piece...can i just say pop was going a mile a minute and i thought we were gonna get stopped by wi cops and put in jail for the, that's yur father...gurllllll!

    anywhoo, the chitlins just kept mumbling with their black-stained lips from the halloween cookie bake fest that they wanted to stay and go back to "sweet street"...i told them it was just a "BAD ol DREAM...and to go back to nighty nite land..." of course for two hours they slept their cute lil' heads off...we had a blast even though "sweet street" was a sham and mommidida foiled our crafty shopping spree-to-be...but we all still enjoyed mom's hilarious shopping sprees esp. at Crackel Barrel and the $ store...she's so cute as the official concierge of bargain hunting!!!

    just wanted to say one more thing before hitting the hay...CONGRATULATIONS MOM FOR BEING INDUCTED INTO THE FIL-AM HALL OF FAME PROUD OF YOU and your accomplishments as being the best nurse ever! WE LOVE YOU!!! xoxo looney (ps, thanks reya for being the perfect hostess with the mostest! you made the visit so special! love you lots!)

  • At 10/23/2006 10:15:00 AM, Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said…

    I miss Halloween!! It doesn't happen here in France!


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