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Thursday, November 30, 2006

art everyday, day 30

in anticipation of the impending snowfall that will dump on us tonight/tomorrow, i made this holiday card for katspaws' AEM challenge, last day {sniff, sniff}...i'm experimenting with non-traditional xmas colors...i had this pink snowflake paper & went from there. the inside sentiment reads: wishing you joys to share, friends to love, and memories to hold close to your heart. merry christmas. i think i will put that in my shop. it's almost midnite & i'm wicked exhausted. so until tomorrow, bonne nuit! Posted by Picasa

the snow is comin'

as the weather folks keep warning all day today...we're supposed to get somewhere between 5-10 inches by this time tomorrow! yikes! i guess i will be snowbound until the storm blows over. how appropriate, though, as 'tis the season & all. i'm so glad that my school week is over, bec. they were DOOZies! yesterday, i had sat in on a very complicated meeting (about one of my severe autistic kiddos) & it lasted TWO freaking hours long! i left there with a pounding headache. & then today, i had a rather long day with a couple of other kiddos who were tripping out left & right. i tell ya, i was never so glad when the bell rung after school! i couldn't get outta the building fast enough. & with the impending snowstorm, i sped along home yet even quicker. how ironic i turned on the car radio & this was blasting: oh the weather outside is frightful...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. argh! i so don't like driving in blizzards...i did actually drive through a white-out long time ago when i had lived in syracuse, ny & i was on my way home (chicago at the time) for christmas. it took me literally all-day to get to my folks' house (& it's a 10 hour drive usually). not cool driving in those dangerous conditions! anyhow, i am nice & cozy at home now with dh & the kitties. i'm going to try to whip up something for the last day of katspaws' AEM challenge. i'm kinda sad that her challenge month will be over in a mere few hours. will still try to post something before the 30th ends. heck, i'm going keep on creating art even after kat's AEM is such an important part of my life these days. i really don't want to stop i will carry on! before i head off to my studio, i've just a couple of reminders>>>please be sure to check out esther's site bec. she will be featuring my calendar, along with others, tomorrow, the 1st day of december. i can't wait to check that out...i'm so excited! & secondly, i had posted a few days back about wanting to host a valentine atc swap...well, there is still plenty of time to sign up & i have changed the last sign-up date to the end of this year>>>that's december 31st, 2006 folks. i've also, to encourage more folks to join in on the fun, created a flickr group & you can sign up there as well. it's less than 4 hours now before the day is officially over. so i better scoot along & get crafting!

bonne chance

is what i say these two lucky gals had as they are this week's wysiwyg wednesday winners! corey won item #1! it was meant to be my dear! yay!!! (i have your snail mail addy & will mail this out with another goody i'm making pour toi!)... & sage won item #2>>>how lucky are you?!!! beginner's luck, perhaps, hee-hee? CONGRATS to these lucky gals!!!! as soon as i hear from you sage, i will mail your goody to you... AND a HUGE round of applause & THANK YOUs to all the other LOVELY gals who played (nance, loon, tammy m, tammy v, liz & michel)! i really do APPRECIATE your participation! don't you worry>>>there is {unfortunately for me, but totally GOOD for you} MORE where these came from!!! next wysiwyg wednesday will be december 13th! {& lisa i will bop on by your blog after school today to say "hey" & catch up with you}... may the good karma shine on you! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

wysiwyg wednesday

ready to play this week's wysiwyg wednesday? well, now's your chance! since i've been mailing all sorts of parcels these past several days, i'm posting TWO items up for grabs...the folks at the post office are beginning to think i work there (lol) since i've been going there A LOT! anyway, here we go>>> item #1 is a very cool arty journal book >>>i got this from the clearance bin at one of my fave scrapbooking stores & to date, i have not read this...i happened to find it last night & you know what? i haven't missed it, so out it goes! item #2 is one of my fave sources for ideas...but this too has not been fully appreciated by i will pass it on to some lucky person who will! there you have it, short, but sweet. if you are at all interested in anything here, just let me know. i will take names until 10 pm cst tonight & the lucky recipients will be announced tomorrow. in the meantime, happy wednesday & shine on! Posted by Picasa

art everyday {day 29}

i took this pic a couple weeks ago of this rather huge vintage santa displayed at an antique store called, if i recall correctly, vermont antiques... taking a break from handcrafting (& not to mention, it's a school day), i digitally altered the above snap...i think it looks rather abstract & visually more interesting. this was inspired for katspaws AEM challenge, day 29. Posted by Picasa


is the topic for this week's artwords...i took this pic a couple of weeks ago when i was in chicago visiting my mom & sister. we went holiday {mostly window} shopping & i liked how this holiday vingnette was displayed at this antique store called, through the looking glass. in looking at this snap, i thought to title it: the present reflected in the past.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

glowy glam

here i am taking a break from trimming the tree. you can't see that i'm actually on a tall ladder as the xmas tree is 9 foot tall! i literally feel TALL...& glowy all over...i took this pic for self-portrait tuesday's glam challenge...actually, the whole glam thing is simply not me, okay?! in fact, i hate gussy-ing up. i don't feel like ME when i'm rouged & pancaked up, you know what i mean? i prefer, au naturel most of the time {no make-up, that is}. thank goodness this glam business is over because i really did not enjoy this challenge {can you tell?} >>>december's challenge is red...ahhh, now that's more like it. i can live with that, no problemo. Posted by Picasa

art everyday, day 28

i've been working like a fiend to get my cookie swap packages DONE...i'm nearly there...just gotta bake some cookies for one of my swap buddies (the other podner's not getting any cookies 'cuz of her country's rather strict customs about homemade food goods)... i've made my batter & i'm gonna take a break before i bake those cookies, okay?! but before i do that, here are some cards i made for my cookie swap pals (which i submit for katspaws' AEM challenge, day 28>>>whoa, the month's almost over!)>>> this is for her>>>she told me she loves purple, eclectic & whimsical things...& OMG, i just received her most yummy swap package in the mail yesterday>>>bec. of camera probs, i will post pics of all the goodies she sent me later>>>but wow, i'm so thrilled! thanks SUSAN!!!! i *heart* everything you made/sent! & this is for her>>>she was one of those wicked EARLY birds who sent me my cookie swap goodies a couple of months ago!!!!!!!!!!! since i used a primary color scheme for her recipe holder, i thought i'd do the same for her xmas card. also, since she lives in australia, where it is SUMMER at the moment, i found that very appropriate birdie sticker... just a peek of one of the recipes i put in for susan...i die cut a mini file folder & attached my recipe for these wickedly decadent cookies... what it looks like when you pull the card out...spiffy nifty, right? at the moment, i'm a very tired little beaver...gotta get some shut eye & then back to the kitchen & bake those cookies. happy tuesday! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 27, 2006

i need a new digicam

'cuz it really BITES that i can't import my pics onto my computer & now i have been resorting to go to the *argh* super-walmart to have one of those 1hr (yeah, right) photo cds made>>>all so i can post my pics on my blog...anyhoo, mini-rant over>>>here are some (not so goo) pics of the xmas craftacular in mad city...i saw naomi of the glitter workshop ( i*heart* them!) & also the my favorite mirror couple & recycling artist, emily kirchner. here are the goodies i couldn't live without >>> naomi says there is a xmas renegade in a couple of weeks, but sniff, sniff, waaaah>>>i already made commitments to the herb society...that's the day we're having the xmas party at our place...i wish i knew about that sooner!!!! oh well, there's always the next year's, right? & i am nearly finished with my cookie recipe holders for my swap buddies, jo & susan. i totally can't wait till i get these outta my hair, ahem, i mean, happily mailed off to them...i DID have fun making these's just there is simply not enough time in a day, okay?! well, the kitchen is beckoning me upstairs...gotta scoot. have a great evening! Posted by Picasa

art everyday, day 27

after a morning running errands, i am finally getting some blogging time in...but a quick one 'cuz i've got dinner to make & also finish with the holiday decorating upstairs (i want to surpise my mom for when she comes back this thursday * smile*) i just mailed off a couple of etsy orders (thanks lia & m.c.! you should be getting them sometime this week) & i also mailed off my holiday swap goody package to my swap buddy, inga of sknittymama. the above is an altered envie that i made for her (which i submit for katspaws' AEM challenge, day 27), which is filled with a cookie recipe (my all-time fave xmas cookie, frosty snowballs), a little handwritten note from moi & a super easy stocking how-to from an old martha stewart holiday book i have. the handmade stocking directions called for buttons, so i gave inga some from my stash to get her started. oh, & that greeting card garland i made the other day...well, i thought it needed some stars, so i poked teeny-tiny holes & hung a glittery star on each circle...thought that would add more *bling*. i've got one more thing to post before i get back into the kitchen...never ending things to do around here! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 26, 2006

art everday {day 26}

i can't wait to check this out today! i went to this last spring & it was oh-so FAB! i wish my sis looney were here (she's at home sick) bec. i know that she would be so on this like bees are to honey! i didn't go yesterday bec. my other sis & her kids were still here & we were busy making cookie dough, putting up xmas decorations, etc. but today, look out! here i come {hee hee hee}...{don't worry loon, i will take lots of pics for you!} this is a little greeting card garland i made for katspaws' AEM challenge, day 26. & it's also going to be sent to my swap buddy in storme's holiday swap. i was trying to make it look vintage-y & christmas-y all at once. i think i've achieved the look i was after & now, i think i will make some more of these. happy sunday!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

"sweak" {sweet +sneak) peak

i hope you all had a nice & relaxing turkey day...mine was really nice...well, minus the CRAZY "black friday" when i was awakened at an ungodly hour to go holiday shopping with my sis gail & her 2 chitlins>>>seriously, i don't get the mass hysteria i witnessed over electronic items! like is it really necessary to buy THREE 20"in LCD tvs, like one man i saw had???? as my other sis looney would say, it was NUTS & BOLTS out there. these past few days were kinda hard to keep up with kats paws' AEM challenge with my sis & her kids visiting us. nevertheless, i found some snatches of time to create something, like these two atcs>>> i know, i know, it's not even christmas yet & i'm already jumping ahead to valentine's day. & i'm still in the midst of finishing my current cookie swap projects (which btw i'm hoping to have mailed out by mid-week this coming week). call me nuts & bolts, but i would like to host another swap>>>this time, a valentine atc swap. i made these atcs you see here to get y'all thinking, possibly generate even mild interest & also to give plenty of notice>>>because february will be here before you know it! here's what i'm thinking: if you are at all interested in participating either leave a comment stating so or email me (go to my profile>>> to contact me via email). i will start taking names until december 22. the theme is valentine's day & you will create 4 for 3 atcs. the atcs must be original works (no photocopies please), signed & be of 4 different designs. i request that i receive your lovely atcs at the very latest by february 1, 2007. at that time i will mail out your atc sets, just in time for valentine's day, yay! welp, there you have it folks...think about it...& let me know. i think there are so many wonderfully talented & creative souls out there & wouldn't it be so nice to spread the LOVE? Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 24, 2006

more art everyday {smile}

i finally finished my other recipe holder for one of my cookie swap, i just gotta fill this book with yummy recipes & bake them cookies! Posted by Picasa

friday's finds

as i quickly post this, these are my finds for this week's ff...actually some of these (like the stamps & vintage xmas ornaments in the 1st row of photo collage) are what i had wanted to post last week & that's when my digicam went crazy on i had to go to the store & have a pic cd made...the others are snaps of the xmas stuff that my sis, mom & i had drooled over when i was in chi-town last week... i gotta run, my sis is calling me to go NOW...she is itchin' to let the holiday frenzy begin...yikes! what are your nifty finds? pls. do share & tell either here or here. happy friday y'all! Posted by Picasa

art everyday {day 24}

hope you had a nice turkey day! my sis gail & her 2 chitlins are here & my niece woke me up 'cuz my sis has this insane idea to start the holiday shopping! i'm very afraid, lol!!!!! last year, my sis did this & it was NUTS! anyhoo, i'm hurrying here to post my AEM challenge for the day. it's just a simple winter card. yesterday, i was working on my 2nd recipe holder for my cookie swap buds, but i'm not finished with it yet...maybe if i'm not too traumatized, i mean, tired later, i will finish it & post it for y'all to get a sneak peak... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving

(my mom striking a pose by a beautiful fall display) may you & yours be blessed today & every day always! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

art everyday {day 22}

i was on such a roll for katspaws AEM challenge until lately...however, i am happy to report that i'm BACK in the saddle again! here is one of 2 recipe holders that i am feverishly trying to complete for my cookie swap partners (i have 2 swap buds)...sorry about the yucky scan job, but my digicam is still on the fritz & i really don't feel like schelping all the way to the super -walmart to have a pic cd made (esp. since it's thanksgiving eve!)...anyhoo, i've still more to go on this one. back to the studio... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

life goes on

it's been a trying last couple of days...a death in the family can really SOBER one up mighty fast, let me tell ya! it never fails to point out your own mortality...yeh, quite SOBERING indeed. i was so physically & emotionally wrecked out since learning of the news...but my conscience is clear that i was there for my mom in her, what's got to be, heart/gut-wrenching, time of NEED. i wasn't up to doing much when i got home yesterday & not even today either...i took a pass on my yoga class (& i rarely do that)>>>all i wanted to do was SLEEP. but something told me to get my a** outta bed & deal with the world. so i took a shower, got dressed & decided to dust off the cobwebs from my make-up bag & fix my face (somewhat) flimsy attempt at self-portrait's challenge>>>glam... i guess, i do look LIVELY with some color on me, lol! {but it's soooooooooo much easier to go make-up less!>>>that's my lazy ol' self talkin'!}... i just realized that when i look at my self-portrait that i have the same dark piercing eyes as my mom & grandma...whoa! & something my sis looney said to me: we are connected to grandma bec. she bore mom who bore us! i was not particularly close to my gm, as i have previously mentioned...but my sis' words just echoed in my mind...& then i came up with this simple collage>>> i guess you can call this a daily affirmation for not ever forget where i came from. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 20, 2006

in loving memory

(april 2, 1912 - november 20, 2006) dear grandma b, i know that distance & language barriers have prevented us to be close. but i hope you know now that i will always remember & love you. you were of a different generation & different culture, & while i did not understand or mistook your ways as overly strict or strange, i realize now that you loved us the best that you knew how. your loving daughter, my mom, is on her way to see you & she will make sure you will be properly laid to rest. she will also make sure your memory will be kept alive & passed on down the generations. i will do the same to the best of my ability & memory. grandma, know that my wish for you now is that you may now rest in peace. love your firstborn granddaughter, mary ann xoxoxo Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 19, 2006

mom's day out

hi all! i so appreciate all your kind & loving well-wishes especially for my mom! i am typing this from my sis looney's 'puter & she uploaded these pics of our day out with mom. since i got to chicago she had been crying her eyes out & today, she was laughing & smiling...though i know that her heart is heavy. my sis looney, her two chitlins & i took our mom out for some holiday shopping & an early "thanksgiving" dinner. i know that mom so appreciated us spending the day with her...she has a long road ahead. her flight leaves tomorrow morning & it will be a laborious journey. my aunt called mom last night to tell us of grandma's condition. she thinks (my aunt) that grandma is waiting for my mom to arrive. mom is grandma's power of attorney & she knows that grandma does not want any heroic measures. there is intracranial bleeding & they found a large tumor as well. prognosis looks grim. my grandmother turned 94 last march & thankfully mom spent time with her when she & my dad were vacationing there earlier this year. we all want grandma to no longer suffer. i can't even (don't want to) imagine how i would be if i were in the same position as my mom's! my sibs & i have told mom that grandma had a long life & that soon she will be with her Maker. she won't be suffering any more & that she will join other beloved family members, like our sweet precious angel sinead & my other grandmother (my dad's mom). anyhoo, didn't mean to get so deep, these are some pics my sis took of our lovely day. we went to some cute antique shops that were having a holiday event & we had fun oohing & ahhing all the lovely goodies....drool, drool, drool, lol! me drooling over some super cute xmas items... the twins enjoying this beautifully decorated tree... my sis looney took this pic of me taking a closer look at this mantel display... looney & her ian... looney & her shioban... me & mom... we love you so much mom!!!!! safe journey to you & may God keep you from harm's way. please give grandma our love. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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