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Sunday, November 26, 2006

art everday {day 26}

i can't wait to check this out today! i went to this last spring & it was oh-so FAB! i wish my sis looney were here (she's at home sick) bec. i know that she would be so on this like bees are to honey! i didn't go yesterday bec. my other sis & her kids were still here & we were busy making cookie dough, putting up xmas decorations, etc. but today, look out! here i come {hee hee hee}...{don't worry loon, i will take lots of pics for you!} this is a little greeting card garland i made for katspaws' AEM challenge, day 26. & it's also going to be sent to my swap buddy in storme's holiday swap. i was trying to make it look vintage-y & christmas-y all at once. i think i've achieved the look i was after & now, i think i will make some more of these. happy sunday!


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