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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

{balanced expression}

is referring to the throat or fifth chakra in the book, true balance, that i am collectively reading with my blog sista melba, & the color of the throat chakra is blue. i apologize for re-posting my "voicebox" piece that i did a while back for artwords, but i just thought it would nicely illustrate the 5th chakra...i digitally manipulated the piece so that that it would appear (particularly the text) more blue & less pink....the voicebox (or technically, the larynx) is located in the throat (or technically, the pharynx>>>sorry, the speech therapist in me is coming out!) & this is essentially where SPEECH (i.e., verbal output or spoken language) is produced. a balanced expression has to do with "communication, connection, creativity & personal intention"...what we say to another has an impact, positive or negative (even if the latter was not intended)... that when the throat is balanced, we convey words that inspire & bring the best out of ourselves & also others... i say "yes" to all that...but i also couldn't shake this nagging feeling that overcame me when i read (& later re-read) this chapter... when i was growing up in my bi-cultural home (i.e., filipino-american), being "quiet" was generally rewarded over being "loud". being quiet = being well-behaved, respectful, "good"....being loud = being unruly, disrespectful, "BAD". i can remember the time in first grade being punished (i.e., "paddled" by my nun teacher) because i supposedly "talked" to my neighbor when she had told the class to be "SILENT". as i recall, my classmate whispered my name & i happened to turn around, which was about the exact moment the teacher assumed i was chatting & scolded me. i think from that point on & along what were my family's house rules, i associated being "quiet" with staying out of trouble, being "safe" & "protected". illogical, i know now, but that's how it was for me back in the day. but all that changed when i went to college. prior to that, i went to parochial schools up through high school, where the various nuns & priests i encountered along the way would invariably put the fear of GOD in me if i so much stepped out of line or looked the wrong way. i know, that's no way to live...but i was not a rebellious child, because rebelling would mean being "loud" & to my way of thinking that meant getting in trouble. it was safer to comply & be quiet... when i got to college, my whole world view changed. it was no longer parochial. it was so much more broad. i gained knowledge...& like my mother always said to us growing up, no one can ever take away your knowledge, your education. knowledge = POWER. ( inspired for last week's topic of mixed media memoirs) i found out it was perfectly OKAY & acceptable to voice your {thoughts} {opinions} {views}. you weren't going to get in trouble if you spoke your mind, sincerely & from the heart. this was the time when i took classes in linguistics (the study of language) where i learned that language, both in it's spoken & written forms, is dynamic, always changing with times, social mores. & that language is governed by social & cultural rules & norms. all of THAT was so enlightening to me. i learned that some folks, because of social, cultural and/or familial influences, are better SPEAKERS than they are WRITERS & vice versa. & then there are some very fortunate people who are well-versed in BOTH. learning about what makes a language tick, how it originated & its inner workings all helped me accept that it was okay to be "quiet">>> that i wasn't a freak of nature>>>that i can still be an effective communicator, even though i tend to be "quiet"-natured. & later, in my training as a speech therapist, i have learned also to be a compassionate listener & keen observer. gaining all that knowledge & experience made me who i am & the type of person i am today. i may be quiet & softspoken, but i borrow the 5th chakra's mission statement, "i express. i listen. i communicate". somedays i just have to work a little bit harder at it than others. Posted by Picasa


  • At 11/08/2006 02:08:00 AM, Anonymous looney said…

    okay???!!!! totally know where you're coming from on this's good to have a voice or else we wouldn't be seen or know what they say, "the quiet ones are the ones to watch..." great pieces of art!!!xoxo looney


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