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Friday, November 03, 2006

i am interconnected

is the topic of this week's studio friday, suggested by Nancy Bea>>>" I am not thinking of connections one might feel to other "great artists" of the past or inspiring, high-profile contemporaries, but the connections that help keep you happy in the studio. Artist friends you get together with for critiques or just coffee and supportive conversation.For instance I am in a group of four women who get together for all of that, plus find venues to occasionally show together, and we encourage each other in every possible way. Maybe you are part of a class or group that gets together to try out new techniques once a month. Or do you have a beloved teacher you still talk with on occsaion who helps you feel connected to and strengthened by your past. Isolation can cause fear and despondancy: the artist alone in the ivory tower is often the one who commits suicide or stops working! We are all interconnected and honoring and recognizing that is an immense comfort and inspiration and source of strength for me, and I am sure for others too." my response to this week's challenge would be this: my sister looney is someone i talk to constantly about crafting or artsy ideas. she is my number one fan, lol! while she believes she is not an "artist", though i feel she is at heart, her enthusiasm & encouraging support inspire me to keep creating. my neices isabel (9) and shioban (4) have caught the crafting bug & i so enjoy the times we all are crafting together. there is a stamp store in the town, crackerbox palace, where i have gotten to know the owners (vickie & john) & some of the staff (chick & carmen). they host a "secret stamping pal"/atc swap 6 times a year. & i recently joined this group. in fact, this sunday is our swap party, where we find out who our "secret stamping pal" is & swap atcs. {remember all those atcs & cards i showed a few posts ago? they were for this swap}. it seems i stop by the shop almost every week, talking stamping & crafting with these gals. they are so incredibly friendly & knowledgeable that i often find myself chatting with them for a couple of hours! now, i dont' know if this counts, but i will include it anyway. the wonderful blogging pals (many of whom are listed in my sidebar), who visit & comment on my blog (& vice versa) from time to time also makes me feel absolutely interconnected! there are a great lot of us, we creative bloggers! the encouraging words of support as well as their collective sharing of their {thoughts} {ideas} {talent} {style} {art} all offer me continual inspiration & motivation. i defintely do not feel alone. & for that, i am very, very glad.


  • At 11/03/2006 03:06:00 PM, Anonymous looney said…

    you've always been very artsy but being 'interconnected' has made your artistic creativity erupt like a sleepy-eyed volcano! anything you say or do, oozes with imagination and beauty... so proud of everything you create...yes, i've always been and always will be your #1 fan and more... i'm not as artistically established as you and your bloggin' sistas but i love anything and everything that's home-made esp. with love. i secretly love to create and make people smile and now my lil' one and adorable niece are following in our footsteps!!! also, this 'internet' world has opened the doors to so many opportunities for you plus, you've met so many beautiful and creative souls to learn from and share with...thank you (and to your bloggin' sistas) for being an inspiration to us all! xoxo your #1 fan, looney

  • At 11/03/2006 05:58:00 PM, Anonymous Molly Simmons said…

    What sweet sentiments for you and your sister to share about each other. And I have always loved the name Siobhan.
    I think the blogging community counts as much as our "brick and mortar" supporters!

  • At 11/03/2006 08:16:00 PM, Blogger melba said…

    I am glad you don't feel alone because you are not alone!
    and I am so happy you have your sister Looney. I see her commenting almost every post. What a wonderful support!

  • At 11/03/2006 08:19:00 PM, Blogger melba said…

    Oh, I just saw how Looney signed her comment to you. that is so funny because my sister's husband Joe always says we should get T.sirts that say
    Jodi's #1 Fan
    and Melanie's #1 Fan
    because we are ALWAYS agreeing with each other and Always stick up for each other.

  • At 11/04/2006 07:07:00 PM, Anonymous nancy bea said…

    Cool that you and your sister are so close! I have no sisters, and have always longed for that tight familial connection. Maybe that is one reason my friends mean so much to me. (I am lucky in my sisters-in-law, too!)On another topic you raise, in my opinion, it all "counts"! Sounds like you are well knitted in!

  • At 11/04/2006 10:51:00 PM, Anonymous looney said…

    boy, i really love your bloggin sistas!!!

    molly, melba & nancy, thanks for such kind words-you're all such sweet dolls! i truly enjoy visiting your blogs too...i guess, i'm a secret-wanna-be... you all have such incredible lives and it's a treat for me to peek into your lives since all of you have such creative really stirs my own creative juices...

    molly-wow, a flamenco dancer to boot...i also have such a passion for flamenco music and dancing and i admire your courage, stamina and love for this beautiful art. i can feel your love and deep respect for this dance and it shows in your words & creative pieces. please keep on dancin' and bringing more happiness to this world!

    melba-another unique, imaginative and beautiful soul, who has the heart of gold...who can also be one of our real sisters-blonde i love to read about your endeavors, how you balance your life and incorporate creativity in all you do, your desires for "O" to find you, how you speak freely & truthfully about life, your family & yourself. i am also impressed with your upcoming event and how you've organized such talent to be under one roof next year! amazing... (ps isn't it nice to have a sister? too funny about those shirts...hmmm, now that's an idea...jk...ha!)

    and nancy-wow, i'm in awe of your paintings. still-life that totally looks REAL, 3-D and just plain ALIVE!!! although you don't have that 'familial connection', how great is it that you have your best friends who have 'joined forces' with you...and i'm sooo impressed with how you're truly creating such masterpieces and raising all of your beauties all the while still being sooo creative! how inspirations is that?!

    thank you for all your sweet comments on me & my sis...without you, where would we be? but most of all, thanks for sharing pieces of yourselves, your knowledge and your creative spirits to me-us... xoxo looney

  • At 11/05/2006 05:28:00 AM, Blogger Anke said…

    What a great post! Must be so much fun working with your 'little art colleagues'!


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