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Thursday, November 30, 2006

the snow is comin'

as the weather folks keep warning all day today...we're supposed to get somewhere between 5-10 inches by this time tomorrow! yikes! i guess i will be snowbound until the storm blows over. how appropriate, though, as 'tis the season & all. i'm so glad that my school week is over, bec. they were DOOZies! yesterday, i had sat in on a very complicated meeting (about one of my severe autistic kiddos) & it lasted TWO freaking hours long! i left there with a pounding headache. & then today, i had a rather long day with a couple of other kiddos who were tripping out left & right. i tell ya, i was never so glad when the bell rung after school! i couldn't get outta the building fast enough. & with the impending snowstorm, i sped along home yet even quicker. how ironic i turned on the car radio & this was blasting: oh the weather outside is frightful...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. argh! i so don't like driving in blizzards...i did actually drive through a white-out long time ago when i had lived in syracuse, ny & i was on my way home (chicago at the time) for christmas. it took me literally all-day to get to my folks' house (& it's a 10 hour drive usually). not cool driving in those dangerous conditions! anyhow, i am nice & cozy at home now with dh & the kitties. i'm going to try to whip up something for the last day of katspaws' AEM challenge. i'm kinda sad that her challenge month will be over in a mere few hours. will still try to post something before the 30th ends. heck, i'm going keep on creating art even after kat's AEM is such an important part of my life these days. i really don't want to stop i will carry on! before i head off to my studio, i've just a couple of reminders>>>please be sure to check out esther's site bec. she will be featuring my calendar, along with others, tomorrow, the 1st day of december. i can't wait to check that out...i'm so excited! & secondly, i had posted a few days back about wanting to host a valentine atc swap...well, there is still plenty of time to sign up & i have changed the last sign-up date to the end of this year>>>that's december 31st, 2006 folks. i've also, to encourage more folks to join in on the fun, created a flickr group & you can sign up there as well. it's less than 4 hours now before the day is officially over. so i better scoot along & get crafting!


  • At 12/01/2006 10:22:00 PM, Anonymous looney said…

    and it came...pretty to look at but such a chore to shovel and travel in...anyway, the first snowfall looked amazing!

    tried going to esther's magazine to see your advent calendar...but couldn't find it...hmmm maybe tomorrow?

    anyway, everything looks beautiful!!! xoxo looney


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