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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

thanks for the lift!

i was in such a rush this morning to get to school before the late bell rang (7:40 am cst), that i didn't have time to properly acknowledge all your kind votes of confidence in me. thanks so much for saying that i wasn't just trippin' in vain! it helps greatly to be reassured by fellow artists! this post will be the last time you'll ever see me bring this topic up bec. frankly, i want to keep my blog about happy, whimsical & above all, positive things. okay?! it's just that learning the board's decision the other day came as { & i freely admit this} a huge BLOW to my pysche, self-esteem, confidence, balance, etc. etc. it's taken me a couple days to recover & pick myself up from the bootstraps & {as tim gunn would say} CARRY ON! i naively ASS* U* MEd that mixed media art was well-known, well-regarded, well-established everywhere, even in b-f cheeseland. my word, this style of art has been going on FOR EONS! look at all the dada, surreal, pop & avante garde art from several generations ago...better yet, how about ancient & medieval art>>>a lot of that stuff was created by cavemen, peasants & CRAFTSmen! i am reminded that throughout the history of ART (which btw i studied this stuff many moons ago!) there have always been debates over what's considered Art with a capital "A" in point: the french impressionists, so popular & beloved today, were considered radical way back when>>> they were actually highly criticized & even ridiculed. needless to say, their works were not taken seriously>>> in their day, no museum would dare show any of their work. but fast forward a few centuries>>>there are folks out there who flock to museums the worldover bec. they just can't get enough of impressionistic stuff! so, if the saying is true>>>history repeats itself>>>maybe those naysayers will be proven wrong & mixed media art will finally get the respect & recognition that it justly deserves as well as its place in ART history. 'nuff said. case CLOSED.


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