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Saturday, November 18, 2006


my sis looney called me a few minutes ago in tears...our maternal grandmother (who is in the philippines) is in a stroke-induced coma. & our mother is tripping out BIGTIME & she is making plans to go to the mother country to be with her mother this monday. i have to make an unexpected trip to chicago so that i can be there for MY mom as she is going through this ordeal. i was right in the middle of an art project when my sis called, but all of that is put on HOLD now...i was never close to my maternal grandmother as she was, truth be told, mean to us grandkids over the years...but i do not want to see my mom be in such utter distress & of course, i don't want to hear that my grandmother is suffering. i've already told joe that i'm going to be the dutiful daughter & go to chicago this morning to be some sort of comfort to my mom. she will be gone for 2 weeks & she's going alone! i am worried about her travelling all alone to the other side of the world, especially what happened to her & my dad (they had been robbed while out there)...but i will hope & pray that she will get there safely & whatever outcome with my grandmother will be that it will be as peaceful & painless as possible... yeh, LIFE happens...everything is on hold until at least monday, when i plan to come back. this is where i wonder why stuff like this happens? well, i guess i will ponder that on my drive to chicago...take care my dear blog sistas, pals & readers... see ya when i get back. Posted by Picasa


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