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we don't have an eternity to realize our dreams, only the time we are here -susan l. taylor

Sunday, December 31, 2006


just a few hours left & 2006 will be year's eve seems to put people in a pensive mood. i reflect on the past year & also what i hope to accomplish in the new year. HOPE is the key word here as so much of our future dreams, plans, goals, etc. are built on this. for me, HOPE helps ease me into the new year... as i look back, it's been an awfully eventful year, especially when i discovered blogging! & when i started creating art again after such a long absence...i also struck out on my own, left my draining hospital job & went into private practice as well as opened an etsy shop. along the way, i met some incredibly amazing & talented folks, both in bloggyland & off-line, gone on a few trips with dh & by myself, spent time with family, participated in various swaps>>>i could go on & on, but i won't bore you with all the minutiae. let's suffice it to say that it's been an eventful blog helped greatly to document many of these events & i'm glad that i can look back into my archives to help my brain cells recall... for the new year, i hope to continue my creative endeavors & go on as many adventures (like to maine with the dh) with even more fervor & passion than ever before! & like this past year, my blog (& i'm still debating whether or not to switch over to another site) will continue to document my thoughts, art, musings, glimpses into my life in cheeseland. yes, there's alot to be hopeful in the new year...let's toast to a very healthy, happy & creative 2007! Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 29, 2006

friday's finds

after christmas, i decided i wanted to avoid the craziness at the usual big box stores (after black friday last thanksgiving, i'm still a bit shell-shocked from the red-eyed crowds). & i also wanted to search out unique holiday/seasonal items (at what else? bargain prices *smile*) to include in my winter collection. so i went to 2 local shops (one posh place>>>oooh-la-la, filled with french & romantic inspired home goods & cranberry moon, another antique-y, vintage shop)...& look! i found more of those vintage snowmen/people that i have admired from afar but now able to scoop up, thanks to after xmas sales... plus, it's so much nicer to support small, local businesses...i really do try to support local & indie businesses when i can. i used to do more of that when i lived in maine (because the nearest big box stores/mega malls were an hour's drive away)... ever since a colleague of mine gave me a snowman figure for christmas many moons ago, i've collected snowmen of all shapes, sizes & media... snowmen are just so darn convenient (& not too mention cute) for home decorating because i can set them out all winter long...not only just at christmastime. but over the past couple of years, i've become a bit more discriminating & now only look for vintage-inspired ones such as what i've found for this week's friday's finds. about the same time when my search for these vintage snowmen began, i gave my old snowmen collection to my mom, which she has enjoyed (as well as other family members). i have them all hanging out upstairs...& where they will stay until after valentine's day... i found this engagement calendar by folks called, green paper press...each page is filled with these sweet images...too wicked cute for words really...also found on sale! then i went to my fave local antique mall, campus antiques, where i found these lovelies...i love going there bec. it never fails that i can always find dirt-cheap vintage photos & postcards>>>a real treasure tove! if you are ever in this part of cheeseland, i would be happy to take you there & you can go buck wild if you so desire, lol! there are so many neat little "stuff" that you can find in there & not go for broke either! well, these are my finds for the week...i hope that you will show & tell either here or here. happy 4th day of christmas! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006

what does yours say?

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"
A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.Your heart is open to where ever love takes you! Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking What turns you off: fighting and conflict Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love
What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

what to do

i've gotten so used to blogger, even if i'm still in "old" blogger...i've tried countless times to switch over...but each time i was told that i can't switch because my blog is TOO BIG! yikes! who'd thought that 561 posts in less than a year would be considered BIG?! well, i've looked into wordpress & i'm thinking about closing my blogger blog & going over to wordpress...but i'm hesitant bec. i've got to learn all over again how to navigate through wordpress! i'm not much of a techno-savvy person so this would be HUGE for me to switch! & how do i transfer my blogroll & buttons & badges, for goodness sake?! i'm still debating this... the thought of starting all over is not making me a happy camper. but i am tired of being told my blog is too huge to switch over... still it may not be so bad to throw out the old & be in with the new....hmmm, we shall see.

& the winners are

hooray!!! many thanks to all who played this week's wysiwyg wednesday>>>i so appreciate your support & participation! i believe i have your addies, you lucky recipients you...will pop your ww freebie in the mail by the end of the week. in the meantime, happy 3rd day of christmas! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

wordless wednesday

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there's still time

to sign up for my oh-so charming valentine atc swap...i've extended the sign-up until 1/7/07. & to further entice you, i found these nifty vintage stickers from karen foster designs... wouldn't these be so wicked cute to use in a valentine atc? so far we have a nice bunch gathered for this swap...but there's always room for more love! p.s., if you still crave more love, check out swap-bot's valentine's day swap...i've joined in on the fun & you can too! Posted by Picasa

wysiwyg wednesday

it's that time again to play wysiwyg wednesday, yay! i can't get over that this is the last ww before the new year>>>where did the time go??? item #1 up for grabs is this scrap mag that is literally collecting dust in my studio! pls. somebody get this off my hands! this was the mag that gave me the idea to use those brown paper lunch bags to make my cookie swap recipe books last year (2005)...since i know how to make mini books, i think i will pass this mag on for someone who wants the 411! item #2 is another scrap mag that is majorily collecting dust...if you are a heidi swapp or tim holtz fan, then this mag is for you! & also, lots of nifty ideas for winter! c'mon, someone's gotta want this! & item #3... wouldn't you know that this actually a duplicate? i unwittingly bought this thinking i didn't already own it, but i so do! i've been known to buy things in dupes & even (gasp!) triplicates...i know, my bad is your good...this is a wicked cool mag, chock full of cool altered art ideas...i know someone would love to have this copy... that's all she wrote for this week's wysiwyg wednesday....if you've played before, you know the deal>>>let me know what strikes your fancy & i'll take names until 10 pm cst tonight...i will announce the lucky folks tomorrow...good luck & may the good karma shine on you! Posted by Picasa

i can't believe this & did you know?

these sweet little ones are my dear friend's chitlins...i have known them since j. (left) was 2 & a.(right) was 4.... i met these chitlins when i met their mom during my ol' airline days many (too many!) moons ago... we would all go on trips in the above pic...we trekked out to boston one sunny weekend...i went for the day & they stayed the whole weekend. they were like part of my extended family...we spent a lot time together back in the friend used to dub her chitlins' as "wild children" but they really were sweethearts, mischievous & also whiney at times, but overall, sweeties...i was like a big kid to them & oh how we played & had great fun! i can remember j. asking me to give him horsey-back rides & a. wanting me to watch her vast collection of disney videos>>>as if it were like yesterday... whoa, time sure does fly, y'know?...i got an email from a. yesterday & she announced that she's getting married!!!!!!!!!!! i was shocked beyond belief but thrilled for her. to me, those kids will always be the sweet chitlins i knew when they were wee like in the pics above & i cannot get over that both of them are grown now! i feel so OOOOOOOLD... over the last couple of weeks before christmas, i kept hearing on the radio, "the twelve days of christmas" meaning the 12 days leading up to christmas...well, i kept wanting to call the radio station & telling them how inaccurate that was! the twelve days of christmas actually refer to the 12 days after christmas, not before like the radio folks kept saying! read all about the history here...on the twelfth night is when i usually dismantle all the holiday decos & the tree...which i'm glad because i can still enjoy the beautiful glow & magic of our sparkly tree just a little while longer. having said that, happy 2nd day of christmas! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

la salle de bain

hope you had a wonderful holiday! my final red entry for self-portrait challenge this week... i never thought to take snaps in the bathroom as we don't have any windows in there...though we do have natural lightbulbs in there to simulate that we do... i love our little bathroom as my dh did all the lovely trimwork, beadboard & installed tiny hexagon porcelain floor tile. it's an old-timey look i was after for our day it would be fab to switch out our plain tub for a lovely clawfoot one...oh well, it doesn't hurt to dream. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 25, 2006

to you & yours

peace, mary ann & joe xoPosted by Picasa

Sunday, December 24, 2006

warm wishes

from our house to yours!
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'twas the night before christmas

(snow in the air, a poem by caryl brahms) will there be snow tommorrow when early i wake up to peep? will the street be tucked under its eider of feathery softness asleep? will the pond in the village be frozen? will the green be a crisp sea of white? will the whole world be gleaming and shining with frosty and glittery light? will the snowflakes be fluttering softly with their own sort of cold sort of glow? oh, will it be snowing tomorrow? tomorrow...will there be snow?
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Saturday, December 23, 2006

labor of love

as my sis would say... some things i've been making this week before christmas...all for unsuspecting & dear pals. i hope they will enjoy these as much as i've enjoyed creating them! Posted by Picasa


since entering the blogosphere, i have "met" & befriended so many amazing & talented heart is filled with gratitude & joy...thank you all for coming into my life...not a moment goes by that i don't think of you & wish you well... i feel blessed to have crossed paths with you all! in the mail earlier this week i received lovely christmas prezzies from my dear blog sister, jude, a lovely santa card from another dear blog sista, nance... just look at the incredibly charming handmade lovelies from jude!!! & a wonderful care package from a dear blog pal, raesha...which i've already used some of that lovely vintage music sheet! i've also received lovely christmas greetings from other blog pals, which i haven't captured on film bec. of my digicam sitch (uploading problems)... but i wanted to acknowledge that i have received them & that i am touched to be remembered by you. thank you my dear friends...i wish you all the happiest of christmas & brightest of new years! love & hugs to you all, mary ann xoxo Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 22, 2006


is the theme for this week's wednesday stamper...& i thought i'd submit this atc that i labored over today...lots of stamping, cutting, piecing & gluing! i had to make a ton of these atcs, as well as other sets (see posts that follow below to follow what i mean) for a local swap i'm in... the background paper is actually wrapping paper from old navy & the stamped image is from red lead...a lot of work, but i'm happy with how it turned out... it's been a wicked long day...i think i will take a much needed rest now...have a great friday evening! Posted by Picasa

"make-up" atcs

that i had to make since i forgot to do an extra set for last month's atc group that i'm in here in town...i decided to use up these pink velvet letters, scraps of paper, buttons & glitter ric rac... i'm just so glad these are outta my hair...amen! Posted by Picasa

atc sweatshop

i've been sequestered in my studio turned sweatshop cranking out atcs! i had to make 15 of these pink xmas themed ones... ditto for this winter-themed one... & this one too, which is an "anything" themed atc...i think i'm atc'd out!!!! but i so wicked glad they are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa
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