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Friday, December 08, 2006

making do

with my current digicam situation...the media drive is fried & i don't know why that is, it just i can't upload my pics onto my blog...i have (& been for a couple weeks now) resorted to buying photo cds at the store & can i just say, it really BITES when i can't post pics IMMEDIATELY!!!!! until i can scrape up some extra dough to get a new digicam (which i have my eye on & it's 200 clams), i have no choice but to make do with what i's got at the moment...waah!!!!!!!!!!!!okay, my whining is are pics from earlier in the week when i first received inga's handmade holiday swap package>>> i can't believe this wicked adorable stocking is mine, all mine>>> i will cherish this always inga! Posted by Picasa


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