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Sunday, December 31, 2006


just a few hours left & 2006 will be year's eve seems to put people in a pensive mood. i reflect on the past year & also what i hope to accomplish in the new year. HOPE is the key word here as so much of our future dreams, plans, goals, etc. are built on this. for me, HOPE helps ease me into the new year... as i look back, it's been an awfully eventful year, especially when i discovered blogging! & when i started creating art again after such a long absence...i also struck out on my own, left my draining hospital job & went into private practice as well as opened an etsy shop. along the way, i met some incredibly amazing & talented folks, both in bloggyland & off-line, gone on a few trips with dh & by myself, spent time with family, participated in various swaps>>>i could go on & on, but i won't bore you with all the minutiae. let's suffice it to say that it's been an eventful blog helped greatly to document many of these events & i'm glad that i can look back into my archives to help my brain cells recall... for the new year, i hope to continue my creative endeavors & go on as many adventures (like to maine with the dh) with even more fervor & passion than ever before! & like this past year, my blog (& i'm still debating whether or not to switch over to another site) will continue to document my thoughts, art, musings, glimpses into my life in cheeseland. yes, there's alot to be hopeful in the new year...let's toast to a very healthy, happy & creative 2007! Posted by Picasa


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