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Monday, December 11, 2006

weekend recap

i've mentioned that i belong to the local herb society...we had our holiday potluck at our place (aka my mom's special house) & these are some snaps from the party. my mom & my sister gail & her two chitlins' (isabel & nicky) were there to join in on the festivities... my fam enjoyed meeting the herb folks & vice versa & they loved my mom's noodle dish (called pancit bihon, my all-time favorite filipino dish), my sis' killer queso dip (people were clamoring for her recipe, which she so generously gave out!) & the mulled hot cider i made, using this mulling spice mix i got from williams-sonoma last year. i think everyone enjoyed themselves at this little holiday was nice to see my mom smiling & chatting with the herb society folks. my sister's kids, too, were enjoying & talking with our visitors...they were both good little host & hostess, lol. my other sis, looney & her chitlins were gonna come up to spend the weekend, but her children got sick, so they stayed home. it was too bad & i couldn't help but feel disappointed as i was so looking forward to their visit, but what can you do?>>> 'tis the cold & flu season after all... after the herb society party, we (mom, me, sis & kids>>>joe was downstairs watching his fishing programs) watched that adam sandler flick, click & it was an unexpected tear-jerker >>> i bawled like a baby toward the end. it got me thinking about how important it is to live in the present & to enjoy life's journey instead of trying to rush through it bec. life is too short & all that... afterwards, we bundled up & headed for the local public gardens where i volunteer from time to time {through the herb society group i belong to}. during this time of year, the gardens hold a winter wonderland walk there & although it was wicked freezing, we ooh & ahhed the delightful lighted displays & there was even a huge train set display inside the main building...i was only too happy to bring my family here. i think my mom enjoyed this more than the chitlins! also while they were here, my mom, sis & the kids visited with our kitty tribe & joe. we also did some holiday shopping & visited a new friend (a gal i met through the herb society) who invited us for lunch at her house. she is of filipino descent & my mom wanted to get better acquainted so we all went to her house. it was a pleasant visit. then more shopping (mostly my mom was doing all the shopping, i was mostly her chauffeur...she hadn't had a chance to shop since she's been home after grandma's funeral). when we got back to the house, we did some holiday baking, had dinner & then it was time for my mom, sis & the kids to head back to chicago... it was a flurry of activities here at our place this glad to have had the time with my mom, sis & the kids. that movie click really hit home for me. funny how watching a flick can do that to you>>> to remind you to be present & enjoy life's journey . Posted by Picasa


  • At 12/11/2006 08:25:00 AM, Anonymous NancyB said…

    Oh busy you! WOW! The herb society potluck looks like fun! Good food and lively chatter! Shopping did someone say shopping hehe..I finally get to go tonight and do a bit of shopping! Yay! Loving all the pictures you shared with us! So much fun to look at them all! Yes! Enjoy the moment your in right now! I believe in that so much! I even drink my fav drink (a soda) out of my pretty wine glasses adds a special touch to my day! Scented candles glowing! And fav music playing! Enjoy your day my dear friend! Much love and blessings and Happy Holidays to you and yours! Nance


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